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Who's Watching You? Tesco To Monitor Millions Of Consumers Around The World

This story should scare you. If it doesn’t you need to read Who’s Watching You?: The Chilling Truth about the State, Surveillance, and Personal Freedom by Mick Farren and John Gibb.Tesco is to monitor and record the shopping habits of more than 60 million customers around the world in an unprecedented deal with the “Big Brother” company behind its Clubcard loyalty card scheme.The supermarket chain’s partnership with Dunnhumby, the market research specialist, is being rolled out to nine countries where Tesco operates, including Thailand, South Korea and China but not, as yet, the United States.

Dunnhumby has worked with Tesco in the UK since Clubcard was introduced in 1995. Analysts claim that its vast database of shopping preferences has been one of the supermarket’s biggest competitive advantages over the past decade.

Every day Dunnhumby crunches data taken from Tesco’s tills to generate a picture of what its 13.5 million Clubcard holders are buying and why they may be switching products.

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Stop using loyalty cards.


Lisa C.


Ron Paul "Sign Wave Across the USA" -- November 5th!

Tesco is now in the U.S.

Operating under the "Fresh and Easy" chain.

But frankly, they suck. Like an ALDI with brand names. Their prices aren't that great either.

..tiny microchips embedded

..tiny microchips embedded in many bar codes are already utilized in the US. If the barcode is added to the package and not printed on it, you may already have them in your house. Nailpolish is one they use already. Be a ware.