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Live Web-a-Thon April 16, 2008 9-11pm EST justin.tv/blimpette

**UPDATE--April 14, 2008**

We are now staging the organization at out "under construction" website: www.FreedomsGround.org This Wednesday, April 16th from 9-11pm EST I will be hosting a Web-a-thon fundraiser live at www.justin.tv/blimpette

I'll be discussing the organization's mission, providing updates as to our progress and answering your questions. I will also have a selection of Freedom related merchandise that I'll be mailing to those who donate at different levels. Please stop in to check things out, chat or ask a question question. Thank you!



You will know our Organization has touched You when...

You are watching tv and a sleek commercial comes on with friends talking about money. Suddenly, you realize that you heard the word inflation and a remarkably easy to understand explanation of how it works like a tax on people's income.

You need to talk to a family member about economic policy, immigration, foreign policy, taxation or other topics and there is a website you can send them to with clearly labeled, approachable, visually pleasing and accurate information from a Constitution based platform with non-partisan, non-sectarian packaging. This site's educational features have the additional benefit of being a permanent fixture that can be subscribed to for free. Your family member can also sign up to receive free periodic e-newsletters and alerts when new educational campaigns begin.

When Osama Bin Laden releases a statement talking about his plans to bankrupt America and shortly thereafter your neighbor sees an ad in the newspaper explaining how that is a feasible plan and describing the foreign policy changes we need to make to avoid playing into his hands and those of other terrorists. Included is a web address where she can find more information about what was discussed in the ad, re-read it (and email the ad to friends) as well as sign up for free informational emails or a membership in our organization.

You mail your friend one of the snazzy postcards we gave you with a comic on it that explains how competing currencies increase the value of the dollar and its competitiveness on the market.

More examples coming soon...

Why form this Organization?

•For Our Country-Freedom isn't a fad. The promise and benefits that follow from our Constitution deserve promotion on every day of every year.

•For Stability-Because independent grassroots, while powerful, tend to see their strength vacillate wildly or dissipate completely between election cycles. This organization will ensure that at least a core of the freedom movement stays strong, united and in communication no matter where we are in the election cycle and no matter who is running. It will also work to further educate our organization's members and mainstream Americans on the underlying issues and advocate activism even when their vote isn't needed for an election.

•For Strength-Stable, powerful and professional national organizations who support certain issues and have large memberships signal candidates, the media and political parties that there is a group of people who they need to be listening to.

•For Our Future-Organizations like ours instantly increase the perception of "viability" for candidates who may otherwise be instantly dismissed as fringe/long-shot candidates. By being in existence we make it more likely that people who would run on a platform in accordance with our organizational policies actually run.

•For Convenience-Because some people have put off their lives for this movement. When this election cycle comes to a close they would happily join an organization that ensures America's continued exposure to these ideas and lets them set their involvement to whatever level is compatible with their other life goals. We will also keep them informed about upcoming candidates and legislation so they can rally when needed.

•For Effectiveness-Even at peak strength there are certain initiatives that really struggle to take off from within grassroots networks. Many of the best grassroots initiatives take weeks or months longer than necessary to get going or never even get off the ground. Often, by the time they come to fruition they are really to late to achieve their initial goals or are too late to do so with the level of organization desired. With the aid the support base, experts and creative talent this organization will bring together, time-sensitive educational, advocacy and activism campaigns can go into place quickly on a national or local level.

That is not to say that the grassroots should not or cannot continue to carry out independent initiatives or that this organization wants to supplant those efforts. This organization will largely be addressing a problem commonly encountered by the grassroots: it is difficult to carry out grassroots initiatives requiring preexisting infrastructure; a well-designed website, large scale fund raising and banking, media contacts, lawyers, groups of people that already have experience working with each other, strategists, graphic designers, video editors, marketing professionals, policy experts, media coordinators and writers.

What are Our Goals and Plans?

Marketing our organizational policies (the Constitution, the Federalist Papers, the Declaration of Independence, a responsible foreign policy, competing/gold-backed currency, strong national defense, immigration reform, free & fair markets, health choice, and more) to Americans like they are a consumer product with positive branding, a simple initial presentation of the information, market research and careful design. Every one of our educational campaigns will clearly answer the question: "How does this particular issue effect individual American people?".

We will begin work on developing the following immediately:

• High-quality, innovative and accurate advertising that educates Americans on the principles that underly our organizational policies. These initiatives may include but will not be limited to (print, television and internet); explanation of our founding documents, the effects of policy and upcoming policy decisions on individual Americans and our country as a whole.

•A well-crafted, intuitive website with a simple follow-up interface that allows those who come to our site after viewing our print or television ads or being to easily find the information they are looking for. The consulting panel of credentialed experts we build will help us break complex political and economical issues into multiple levels. That way we can reach out with a very simple initial level of information and then provide people who we bring to our site with multiple choices as to how deeply they want to dig into the issue. They may also choose an incremental movement through all levels, or even a week of educational emails on the issue, they have control. The site will also provide members and those who already support the platform with a place to send friends and family that will answer their questions and shepherd them into a true understanding of the issues. Members can go to the site for a refresher course or to learn more about the issues. Every educational or advocacy initiative will have its own clearly linked-to area on the website and be presented not only as text in levels but with accompanying graphs, charts, interesting facts, cartoons, comparisons and other features that will clearly illustrate the issue at hand.

What is being done?

•Right now we are working with our legal team, headed by Bradley Smith to get the Federal Tax structures into place for this organization.

•Our name, Freedom's Ground, has been chosen with your suggestions and help from our marketing team.

•We are now incorporated in the state of Pennsylvania as "Freedom's Ground, Inc."

•The marketing/branding professionals at mottoagancy.com are reviewing the name that has been chosen, our organizational goals and policies and are working to create a logo and other initial branding that will help us to reach out effectively and grow as an organization.

•We are working on a permanent website to replace the temporary one currently located at www.FreedomsGround.org

What can You do?

•Visit: Sign up for our email updates so we can keep you informed as to our progress. You will be emailed a special invitation to preview and comment on our new website, name and logo before the general public is invited. At that time you will have the opportunity to sign up as one of our organization's first members.

•Donate to form the Legal Entity : Donating now will ensure the future of this organization. By helping us build on a firm legal foundation with the help of our highly qualified law team you can be assured that disputes with the FEC will not derail our organization

•Donate to fund the Corporate Identity: Donating now will ensure that we have the professional appearance needed to make the right first impression on visitors, which will result in more members and more donors. As soon as our public campaigns begin this logo will help lodge our organization in the minds of those who view our materials so that they will remember to visit our website to sign up and so they will begin to build a rapport with our brand which will be easily recognizable to them.

•Let us know if you are a credentialed expert in any of our organizational policy areas and are interested in becoming a member of our Policy Advisory Board. In addition feel free to refer anyone you feel is qualified to become a member of our Policy Advisory Board.

•Give us your feedback on the information we have provided, make suggestions, email us with further inquiries, volunteer if you want to help us grow. We'll will be recruiting regional and local charter directors as the organization grows so let us know if you would be interested in coordinating a group locally.

•Spread the Word: Tell your friends who are already a part of the movement for freedom and a Constitution based government about this organization and encourage them to sign up for our email updates. We aren't ready for mainstream America yet but with your help we will be soon.

Thank you for your time!

Katharine Memole


(412) 805-9543

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Freedom's Ground made $635

Freedom's Ground made $635 during the Web-a-Thon! Thank you all!

bump!! I will be on in 30

bump!! I will be on in 30 minutes.

Our donation page is now up

Our donation page is now up and at certain donation levels you can get shirts, posters and hats....


Our donation page is now up

Our donation page is now up and at certain donation levels you can get shirts, posters and hats....

Isn't Osama Bin Laden dead??

Isn't Osama Bin Laden dead??

:-) Who knows, but that

:-) Who knows, but that pesky guy who looks like him and talks like him still seems to be getting the masses excited.

BTW, today is the day...$100 was donated this morning!

Wow. You have bit off a BIG

Wow. You have bit off a BIG bite. This sounds wonderful and more. blows me away.

EDIT Checked out the website and in for $25. best of luck

Thank you very much

Thank you very much Crickett!