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Breaking News:Ron Paul Revolution Radio is quitting!

RonPaulRevolutionRadio.com or Rprradio.com as it is found has decided to end on Saturday.

This is very sad news as it has been a great media to transmit the message and latest news of the Ron Paul Revolution.

I found and many others have found the network to be the most professional sounding alternative media for the revolution, others paled in comparison. Since early February apparently the listeners and support has dropped off. The host programming has been reduced as several have left the network for other endeavors.

Let's save the network !!! The remaining hosts are trying to determine where to take their programs, whether to create a new network or convince the owners to change their minds.

The Revolution is not over yet !!! Now is not the time to quit....

Please e-mail: IndyinJapan@betonronpaul.com in the subject line: SAVE RPRRADIO

Also go to rprradio.com and listen, see how good this media is.

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Go Get Other Jobs

We believe in free markets, if the venture could not sustain itself then they have to go under. Some very good hosts can go get jobs at regular stations and bring their liberty message that way.

Dunno about breaking news...

This was discussed on RPForums last weekend.

~Live life to its fullest, with an open heart, open arms and most important... an open mind~

Rhoff FYI:

The contact email you list in your original post appears to go to a host who is defecting. You may want to redirect such things to another person's inbox?

what original post?Dr.

what original post?


Melissa why are you here?

Dr. Steve Parent

I'm here because...

I have an account on DailyPaul? Also it seems that asking a host who is scheduled on another network to be the primary contact for saving the original network in question might be a conflict. I was not sure if the OP was aware of the fact that person was going to be a host elsewhere.

Why are YOU here? :D

My theory..

.. is that hiding behind a keyboard is the only way he can find to feed his narcissism and act-out his delusions of grandeur and persecution as arrogantly, haughtily and rudely as he does here without ending up in the emergency room.

Just my theory... =)

Many of the hosts are now on

Many of the hosts are now on the new merged network here :


Dr. Steve Parent


My liberty-minded home base of thought:



Freedom - Peace - Prosperity



Chins up guys

If I'm not mistaken there's gonna be good news coming out of Pennsylvania this Tuesday. A set back such as this will pale in comparison.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.

I HOPE so. This movement is

I HOPE so. This movement is in jeopardy of dissolving.

Support the Constitution of the United States

Support the Constitution of the United States


Or, it's not.


It came directly from the horses mouth so to speak, listen to


You can hear IndyinJapan announce the networks decision. This was broadcasted yesterday 4/14. Tune in to Betonronpaul.com at 4 - 6 Central for more info, call in 512-646-2008 ask him live.

Feel free to check it out.

I have spoken to the several

I have spoken to the several of the hosts from RPR and they are joining forces with our new radio network.

I have known about this for a short time already and we have all since made plans which are actually for the better.

RPR has decided in my understanding to lease their company to someone that is willing to pay them.

These things all take money to survive however i do not believe the used their best efforst to obtain sponsors and support of even fundraisers of the network.

We will have shows from RPI, RPR, RONPAUL RADIO and more all merging as one this week.

See this link for information and respond please to help keep it up. http://www.dailypaul.com/node/45761

Dr. Steve Parent

Where did this info come from?

No mention of this on the rprradio site, rhoff profile not found?

Huff no one has a profile

Huff no one has a profile now not even me since the upgrade and it is true what they are saying.

See my post above.

Dr. Steve Parent

rprradio on the ropes

i'm so tired of ppl's comments about being quitters &/or feeling betrayed. I'm so tired of ppl who complain without participating in the solutions. i'm so tired of you ppl who think they don't have to get involved because allegedly someone else is. you ppl are lazy cowards & cheap. do something revolutionary in your own life and donate to rprradio and become part of the solution. where do you think the money is gonna come from if not you. get involved or get the F*** out of the way!



This revolution should be televised !!! Do not QUIT !!!

Send a comment to the owners of the network:

Call in 512-646-2008, call NOW

Listen to the archives:

Listen Live:



I have not listened often. But it was comforting knowing they were there. Wasn't his grandson instrumental in it? Was it totally donation supported? I thought Steve Parent was going onto it.

That is a shame

I listened for the first time last night and I enjoyed it.


I mean c'mon...Maybe it wasn't perfect, but I think they have done alot of good....

and yes I just sent them a letter....

please go there and let them know you feel it is in the best interest of the people to keep this station up and running!!!!


The real battle is just beginning and they decide to run...

This may shock you but...

...running a net radio station, especially one as interactive as Ron Paul Revolution Radio, is not free. It isn't possible to run it without talent. It isn't a great idea to run a station of that magnitude with fewer listeners. Content has minimized and hosts have packed up their ball and gone home, so to speak, or gone on to other ventures (how tacky to advertise one's new venture in no less than three threads now... dancing on RPRR's grave?).

RPRR was born out of a desire to go another direction than its sibling radio stations ended up going. It was polished and it ends up that the majority of people are class acts. Kudos to them, and shame on the people using this as an opportunity to dump on them or draw attention to their own ventures.

Hey melissa guess what these

Hey melissa guess what these people from rpr revolution radio came to me for help and i decided to help them rather than tell them my server has been down for 6 days for upgrades or whatever it is you claim your server is down for.

Your husband has repedted many times Ron Paul will not be president and has no chance. So why are you even here?

You and a handfull of people do nithing by try and discourage people from doing what we should all be doing which is to protect our freedom but instead tell people they are wasting their time.

I will continue to educate as many people as possible even if it means we must do it ine at a time.

Why have hosts from your network left and merged with the new station? Oh that's right your server has been down for almost a week.

Either join us or get out of our way because we will continue with or without you.

Dr. Steve Parent

I must insist

...that you stop thinking about me so often. It's truly not healthy to obsess over me and my husband that way. Yes, we've been down a week. If one could use the option on Daily Paul to do so (OMG it has been down a week as well! Conspiracy!), one could see exactly what I've been saying on here, and on Ron Paul Forums. I have not discouraged anyone except in their own minds. I have never once said "Ron Paul cannot win", but merely stated that I have done my part on the National scale and am focusing my efforts locally. I have extended a hand to anyone who needs materials, and anyone within my state or near it who would like to continue to get the word out.

I am sorry you appear unhappy about this. I'm not entirely sure why any of those things I am doing are bad. You cannot point out an actual untruth I have spread, but continue to haunt my every hangout. You accuse me of stalking you to RPF's where I had an account since January. You accuse me of stalking you to RPR's chatroom when I was there at its inception. You continue to put me down yet I merely wish you luck. In fact, if you'd look, I condemned the disingenuous attention-seeker who posted the "black ops" post originally. I have been saying to get educated since the onset of the rEVOLution, and my boots have been on the ground making it happen.

You're not in any sort of position to sit on your pedestal and laugh at other people's networking issues. You have posted on here just how good you are at managing your telecommunications.

You (and I won't speak for a handful of people) really do love to hear yourself talk. Stop playing the victim and good luck on your new ventures. Focus there, instead of on some imagined war you have with me and my husband. I have never once brought you into a random post, or started a thread about you, or run to another venue to recruit "back up" supporters. Do me a little bit of courtesy and leave me the heck out of every future conversation you have, since I have nothing to do with the rEVOLution in your eyes.


I had a thought.. or two, actually.

First off, since we have to have a #$%#$ Parent ego rally every day here anyways, should we just start a rating system for them? I mean, just post a 1-10 rating on whichever of the 3 threads are currently going...

Or just make it a combined system.. allot points for martyrdom, a seperate set for ego-appeasement... possibly a third set for rudeness?

The other idea was that since Steve has a sort of website right now, then the cult can go over there and masturbate him all day, so we can talk about other things here without being spammed into oblivion on the Great White Hope carrying us and Ron Paul to victory.

I've about had it with this guy.. he's gone from helpful to parasitic in a month.

By the way.. I was flamed the other night for bringing up that Steve is now asking for donations. Is your Chipin set up yet bro?

You just lost any grudging trust I had in you today.

~Live life to its fullest, with an open heart, open arms and most important... an open mind~



It appears another radio network is being created out of the ashes. Check out this post by Dr. Steve Parent.