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RE: Republicans Holding Their Noses

This is the response I got from the guy:

Thanks for responding. I like Ron Paul and respect him greatly. But he won't be the GOP nominee. McCain has 1325 delegates, 1240 of them pledged delegates, with only 1191 needed to nominate. We don't have super delegates who will overturn the primary results like the Dems do. So the idea that Paul could receive the nomination at this point isn't logical. Also, the chances that Paul could win an independent bid for the White House in November are about the same as me starting game 7 of the World Series. That being said, I'm not endorsing John McCain at all. If conservatives continue to accept moderate or liberal candidates we'll have only ourselves to blame for the results. Therefore, I'm not belittling your choice at all. I think it takes a great deal of guts and commitment.

I've been considering an article about the positives and negatives of shunning McCain outright. That may include some things about Paul, as well as Bob Barr, who may run this fall as a Libertarian. However, practicality demands an acknowledgment that a large bloc of such votes will place Obama or Hillary in the White House. That's not a surrender, just a fact.

Take care, and contact me anytime.