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FEMA has hijacked my town

Yup,ever since Katrina hit the insurance companies dont want to insure people who live in flood zones . Too risky. So thank god for FEMA they created the NATIONAL FLOOD INSURANCE PLAN to save us all. Well i guess they needed to increase the revenue and this is how they did it. I live in a square mile town in New Jersey population 10,000 roughly one third of the homes in town are in a designated flood zone created by FEMA in the seventies. This was after the army corp of eng destroyed our waterfront building massive sand dunes on the beaches to protect from tidal surge.So how does FEMA create revenue? Its simple they go around and change the flood maps.They now claim the dunes provide no protection for the town and they designate the entire town a flood zone. So people are losing their homes to foreclosure because they cant afford the payments and by the way this is a very poor town the last thing a person needs is another 200 dollars a month for insurance .Too bad poor people cant create money from thin air.Anyway when a spokesperson from FEMA was asked what can people do to find a company to insure them he replied and i quote" we offer insurance through the NFIP we arent the only shop in town but we are the cheapist" its great they are like the wallmart of flood insurance companies. Maybe im crazy but does anyone see a conflict of intrest here? They can create there own revenue out of thin air and federal is in their name too. WIERD! a bit long but im sitting here wondering where the hell to find another 2, dollars ayear for this bullshit

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Move to country,or mountains

ive always wanted to

freedumb is not free! live in Montana cant get my wife to go although that might not be a bad thing lol

freedumb is not free!