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April 15 Freedom Rally

Who's going to the rally? How was it? Post your reports from the front line here!

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I was there for a little

I was there for a little over 4 hours, had a GREAT TIME, at the peak it is just like the pictures with well over 1,000 people there up to 2,000... kind of hard to guess since they were so spread out.
www.freedomrally.info you can find pics and video

Can you tell me what the big

Can you tell me what the big announcement was at the rally? We were there, but didn't stay all day, so we must have missed it. I think you were the one I was talking to before the rally about this, right?

Great Time

Contingent of 20 from The First State arrived by bus at 11:00 AM.

Dr. Paul and Carol Paul came down from his office in the Cannon HOB shortly thereafter, spoke to the crowd of several hundred at the time, signed autographs, thanks and good wishes. Even the sound system wasn't fired up yet!, but they got it going. Congress is in session so of course Ron couldn't spend much time with the rally.

Estimate the crowd at something over 500 on a glorious Washington DC day. Enoyed all the speakers and the musical entertainment - all as billed. Sure the numbers left room for many on the Capitol lawn, but what the hey.

Later three of us, one of whom is a DE Ron Paul delegate to the National Convention, hiked up to Cannon bldg. to see if we could get some time with RP in his office. The good Dr. was in, but was in conference and couldn't get free to see us. Got some passes for the Gallery from Dr. Paul's office staff but didn't have time to trek over to the Capitol to sit in.

Things started to wind down around 5 PM. What a great way to play hooky from work!

Just got back

Dint get there til around 2. Missed RP and some other speakers. But got to meet many people. It wasn't that big but it was GREAT! After each speaker I got to go up and chat with them. Take some pics. Heard a great band. Pokerface. AWESOME! Speeches calling Bush satan and songs calling for the end of the NWO! Right on the capitol hill lawn. IT WAS GREAT! Made some new friends and contacts. Very good for networking. I will do it again and again!


Does my burka make my butt look fatwa?

I Heard a Couple Thousand

from a radio call in to RPR radio around 5 eastern or so.....
more like a big family picnic than what RP was asking for -
here is the only video I can find anywhere on this event:
note: the PA system doesn't even come on until 1:05 into this clip
during Ron Paul's speech (very odd)

found this


The DP is proof that the grassroots support for Ron Paul and his peaceful message of individual liberty is large, real, and not going away!

northstar's picture

Thank you :-)

I really enjoyed reading the post there from DianneinVA. I got the feeling from it, that she met a lot truly wonderful people there.
People worldwide support Dr. Paul too.

Real eyes realize real lies

We want our country back

Every year is a year for Ron Paul!

Thanks for posting that ....

Thanks for posting that .... I am guessing those photos aren't representative of the numbers who attended??

That's definitely later in

That's definitely later in the day.

Cool. Has anybody heard

Cool. Has anybody heard roughly how many attended?

I heard there were about

I heard there were about 400-500 in attendance.I arrived too late to see Dr. Paul Speak, but heard a few good speakers and was glad to be there. I was a little disappointed to hear that not as many came as expected, but it wasn't really a campaign event which might account for the low numbers. I look forward to the Big Rally this summer....



April 15 Freedom Rally and media embargo

The lamestream media are up to their usual tricks. There will be NO coverage of Ron Paul or his movement if they can help it! While I am also disappointed and frustrated at the total lack of coverage and discussion, there may be something else for us to keep in mind.

They are telling us something. We have to find ways to circumvent, evade, and transcend the embargo. They are probably incapable of giving us the coverage we need and deserve anyhow!

The web and blogosphere seem to be one way, although we have a way to go to fully realize their potential. More and better meetup groups, connections and networking (both with each other, and with people likely to be sympathetic with the Ron Paul message--libertarians, Gun owners and collectors, pacifists and antiwar activists who are not TOO explicitly socialistic, 9-11 truthers (you might make it clear that as of this time, Ron Paul and his campaign disagrees with them, but we certainly uphold their RIGHT to continue and expand their research, we applaud their efforts at using their lies and coverups about 9-11 tragedies to facilitate the discrediting the legitimacy of the American superstate which oppresses everyone), and we certainly empathize with their frustrations dealing with the same media trivializing and marginalizing them,

There are also homeschoolers, tax protestors and sound money advocates, civil libertarians and opponents of runaway Executive power, opponents of the runaway Federal Judiciary, advocates of the right of Jury Nullification and many others. All of these people, and many others, will be very interested in what we are doing once we make them aware of us. The establishment media are neither inclined nor able to do this the way we need to have it done. We must create something better on our own!

One of the goals of our movement ought to be, in fact, finding ways to declare our independence of those people who probably lack the intellectual resources to report on Ron Paul and what he actually stands for anyhow!

Do you really want us to get the same coverage--scandal, tittillation, trivia, and often gross misreportage--which in fact characterises their coverage of McCain, Obama, and Hillary. This is the level, political, educational, and philosophical, which they have been designed to operate for many decades now. It doesn't matter with their favorites, because those three offer nothing else but tinkering with a defective, corrupt, and now increasingly bankrupt status quo, but the kind of coverage which they can offer probably can't do us any good anyhow. It is possible that the less coverage we get from the shills of McCainObamaHillary, the better off we all will be!

David K. Meller

"The worst thing that can happen to a good cause is not to be attacked successfully, it is to be defended badly". F. Bastiat

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, finally they attack you, and then you win"! Mohandas Gandhi

thank you for that and i agree with you

now i'm going to watch american idol and forget this for a bit!


and my frustration

mounts... the important news tonight... clinton/obama, mclame at villonova, some guy who killed his family four years ago and an elementary school who banned tag. fabulous. PLEASE someone send me a live feed or something!!
BTW- they talked about the candidates tax proposals and mclame was favored but they didn't say anything about his so called flat tax except that there might be one. hmmm
president ron paul president ron paul president ron paul
and all the while they were discussing the best way to fix the IRS on c-span, there were THOUSANDS of americans protesting the IRS!!!!
if that aint news what is?????????????
president ron paul president ron paul president ron paul


No coverage....?

I just came in from work. Is it true that no stations covered this event?
I emailed C-SPAN last week to see if they were going to air segments like they do with the bikers' Rolling Thunder rally. No response to date.

I'm sure it has been a great event, wish I was there, but how will the nation know about this event if it has no mainstream media coverage?
It just makes it that much harder to get the word out.
I see McCain't on msnbc, but no Ron Paul.

The Pope flew into D.C.

Around 4 p.m. EST today and that got most of the media attention. What great timing for that to take place! By now we should know that the media won't cover our Ron Paul events. We have to keep spreading the word that Dr. Paul is still definitely in the race -- all the way to the White House.



And of course nothing on MSM

Such an immaterial event...

The MSM will not be able to ignore us in St. Paul...

Paul's delegates will make sure of that.....

Good luck delegates,

Latinos for Ron Paul

Rand Paul 2016 for Peace

I went to the rally on my

I went to the rally on my lunch break and I gotta tell you, the Grannies kicked some major butt with this event! Admittedly, I was a detractor of this event until I got down to the Mall today... There were several THOUSAND people there and this thing took place RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE CAPITOL!!!

Major, major kudos to the Granny Warriors! I feel very inspired again!

Good for the Grannies.

They have worked so hard. I hope they had an awesome day.

Lisa C.


Ron Paul "Sign Wave Across the USA" -- November 5th!

Terbo charged

I live in Terbo's district. He was arrested for DUI recently and has posted that info on his website. OUCH!

Arrested is one thing...convicted is another.

He plead not-guilty. There were no victims in his "crime."

I was arrested for driving too fast. That I was or was not is decided in court.


It's cool because he plead not guilty? He failed a sobriety test and put my family, friends and neighbors in harm's way! Since when is drunk driving a victimless crime? OJ Simpson was found innocent in court as well. So it comes down to lawyers with you? I understand due process, but there is no way this guy is getting my vote. Just because one is for RP does not make them a good choice for Congress.

There is no provision in the Constitution for victimless crimes

You can't arrest someone because they were planning a murder but never actually murdered anyone.

There was more risk to your family from many other things than Ted Terbo driving in your Congressional district.

Until he's convicted, he's innocent. You know... innocent until proven guilty?

his statement shows an effort to minimalise it :/

"things of far greater magnitude than a routine traffic misdemeanor or my personal life. This minor mishap is not enough to send me scurrying away in shame, or cowering forever in fear of the police, the press, the courts or the voting public. I am not scared." Drunk driving is not "routine". I sometimes worry that there are alot of people wanting the initial push of being a RP repub- who may otherwise not get the exposure- its easy to say "constitution, freedom" I dont kow this guy well enough to count him as an opportunist- but his dui and the way he minimises it raises a MAJOR red flag for me- I have family there and i wouldnt be so quick to push a hard sell for their vote just yet- yeah it wasnt Chappaquidick -...still

punish for injuries

If he had actually injured somebody by getting into an accident, then I would say he should be punished. Otherwise, the police should leave you alone. It can be dangerous to drive while you're tired, but I don't think that's illegal anywhere.

Too late

Drunk driving kills innocent people, not unlike innocent civilians when war is thrust upon their country. People outside of your control make a bad decision and you and your loved ones pay the price. Punish people after they kill others? Until then it's all good? Wake up.


im gonna weigh in with you on this one. Its 2008- if he fails to make the simplest of judgement decisions in a society saturated with education on the subject -in my estimation it shows lacking of the moral fiber required to resist the wee small back room compromises that no one hears about to push a good agenda the wrong way and then they add up. He put himself on poor footing and left himself open to sacrifice principles- itd be interesting to know what if anything he told the officer to try to get out of it.

driving while tired

I think driving while tired is dangerous. I guess it's time to have random stops to figure out how much sleep drivers are getting.
police officer:
Sir, you're looking a little sleepy today. I'm going to have to arrest you.
driver: Why?
police officer:
Since you're tired, your judgement might be impaired, so we can't take a chance of you getting into an accident.