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Makeover urged for 'North American Union' effort


Heavy criticism of continental integration prompts plan to save flagging movement
On the verge of next week’s North American summit in New Orleans, a Canadian think tank has suggested renaming the “North American Union” to renew progress toward continental integration in the face of mounting criticism.

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Our government, or fringe

Our government, or fringe elements of it, are very adept at naming organizations and even laws in strange ways. For example:

- The "Federal" Reserve, which is a privately owned bank...

- The "Patriot" Act, which doesn't appear to be all that patriotic (see the following video for details on that: http://www.reason.tv/video/show/178.html )

So, maybe we can expect the North American Union to be renamed to something like "The Sovereignity Pact" or something that sounds different that what it actually is.


Its like driveways and

Its like driveways and parkways..both being reversed. How did they ever pull THAT one over on us..LOL

When something turns sour,

they change the name to protect the tyranical intention.

Business (especially in the health insurance industry) change their name and go on as if all their bad business management and negtaive image has gone away.

So, changing the name does not mean a slowdown, just a diversion.

We won't get caught in that trap!


It is good to hear that they are being forced to backtrack and change course. Our efforts have begun to adjust the political process no doubt about it.

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