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Today (April 15th)in history, which is not spoken of any where, we should remember the death of our 16th President. Abraham Lincoln died on this day in 1865. He saved the union. For this? I don't think so. He rejected borrowing money from the bank of
England to finance the war against the South. Instead he issued United States notes. Those notes were known as Lincoln Greenbacks" for obvious reasons. With the job of holding the nation together finished, he was no longer needed nor wanted. Coincidence? JMO

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I grew up believing that

I grew up believing that Lincoln was one of our best presidents ever, but I am no longer so sure about that.

Lincoln supposedly imprisoned journalists in the north who criticized him. I believe he also had the military invade the home of a Senator (I think from Ohio, but not sure) and exiled him to Canada. There are some other fairly bad things that I am not thinking of at the moment.

I do believe that Lincoln did some great things for our nation, but at the same time he was also somewhat of a tyrant in various ways.

Some of this info about Lincoln is mentioned at http://www.reason.tv/video/show/178.html but surely can be found elsewhere also.


He also invaded his own

He also invaded his own country and disregarded states soverign right to succeed. But in respect one could say he helped establish equality. I have however been to the Presidential Museum in Springfield Illinois. It is really nice.

And I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night

My point is other forces were now in play. In his incredible book "Manhunt, The 12 day chase for Lincolns killer", author James L Swanson wrote, " John Wilkes Booth could be headed anywhere. To Baltimore...To New York, disloyal capital of American commerce.

This thought was not expanded upon. I had never heard this before. Why did he say it and what did he mean?