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why is the donation total

why isn't the donation total on the ron paul website moving??? this may sound dumb, but that is where i go when i need to be inspired.

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what i meant was...

that the donation total doesn't move even though the daily totals do. i too am 100 percent dedicated and working hard here in indiana now as we have precious few days left to get the word out. i just really like to see what the grand total is! i continue to donate and yet the grand total doesn't move an inch. it has been that way for more than a week now.
my real inspiration comes from my children. god bless us all!
and YES- i absolutely believe ron paul will be our next president and the best part is... we have ron paul people all over running for something! the shift is here people and it is here to stay!!
president ron paul president ron paul president ron paul
thank you for your comments


local efforts

I know I am 110% committed still, but the few dollars I can scrounge these days, I spend on local ads. I assume that is a fairly common story.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

Sorry I don't know the

Sorry I don't know the answer to your question, but I get my inspiration by coming to dailypaul and reading items such as these:

And that list is just a few of the large number of things I read here that inspire me.