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RNC "Victory Commitee" goal to raise $120mil for McCain


This makes me sick...MCCain and the RNC are so f-ing corrupt! How can he they get away with this with so many states left to vote? Can they do this before a nomination when there is still another candidate running?

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Well, they should be raising money

For the nominee to help him win after the primaries are over. None of that money should be touched until the primaries are over. We need to make sure that is the case. Then that money may very well be used by Dr. Paul to secure the win.

yeah as I expected

I really hope everyone see's that this election is rigged to the max now. Noone ever wins that the corporate elites can't use as a puppet.

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LOL they sent me a

LOL they sent me a questionaire in the mail and ofcourse begging for money... i sent back a nice letter intheir prepaid envelope and basically told the RINOS that Ron Paul is my man.. you don't elect him to run against the commies then screw em! and a few other choice things that I don't want to offend you fine folks with LOL.... sometimes i have more fun then a Ron Paul supporter should be allowed!

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We need to start talking

We need to start talking about a no-confidence movement and get disgruntled Americans to jump on board. No-confidence vote in November!

They can do this because the

They can do this because the race is over. McCain has a critical mass of delegates. There's no point is having a race when one of the two guys is already across the finish line.

If this "Nathan" were more

If this "Nathan" were more ubiquitous in his negative posts, I would start to suspect him as being our old nemesis OneVoice/Betterhalf/Pajeff2. But he does sound suspiciously trollish nonetheless.

dude... trust me this thing

dude... trust me this thing is far from over.. but go ahead and go back to watching the one world government sponcered tv brainwashing you get daily... its only your future!

as for me and my home, we shall worship the LORD


your dissent is out of place. The race isn't over. Republicans cannot stand McCan't. The no confidence vote will free up our delegates of which there are many and could swing this whole thing around. Get motivated, put that negative energy into helping us get Ron Paul elected.

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what happens if dr paul does

what happens if dr paul does not win. we have to have a backup plan. i'm 110 percent behind dr paul till the end but all good organizations do have a backup plan. i think a no-confidence vote could win large portions of the american people over to our side of freedom and liberty.

Evening Crew?

bump! How can they do this?

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