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RNC Volunteer Site Now Live

For those interested in volunteering for the Republican National Convention, their "Volunteer" page is now up and running, and accepting applications.

Here's the link:

(Web pages don't usually end in .exe [executable program suffix], but I suspect it ends in .exe because it's a multi-page dynamic form to fill out the application to become a volunteer.)

Main link for the Republican National Convention, if you want to get to the volunteer page that way...ends up at the same .exe page, though:

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Looks like they got too many unknown supporters

I applied months ago. I bet they'll not take any known Ron Paul supporters as volunteers. If you gave money to the campaign, or ever had a free thought good luck becoming a volunteer. I'm not going to give them all that personal information so some CIA spook at the convention can stage a fight at the convention and then be tasered for volunteering.

What happened with all the applications from weeks/months ago?


Lisa C.


Ron Paul "Sign Wave Across the USA" -- November 5th!

Who knows

The new form is much more detailed. They're looking for specialized skills . . . also for driver's license and SS #s.

volunteer for st paul


volunteer for st paul



Done! Will let everyone know if/when I receive a reply. People who are very flexible with their time and/or have specialized skills (CPR, languages, security, etc.) are in demand, it seems.

I submitted my form

Hope to see you guys there. :::Gleeful smile::: I'm hoping this is is one convention that goes down in infamy!

I'm psyched! Who else is signing up?

I said no to driving, normally that would be a blast but I'm not sure about St Paul, then again... I could get lost w/a car full of Mccainers & be too late for round 1 of the vote hahahaha

Lettushope, lets car pool together. Wanna?


If you were unable to become a delegate in your state you can still VOLUNTEER at the RNC and make a difference for Dr. Paul.

2,439 delegates
+ 8,000 volunteers
+ ? Marching outside the convention
= Media Attention For President Paul

Good luck,

Latinos for Ron Paul

Rand Paul 2016 for Peace

This is a must.

This is a must.

St. Paul bump

St. Paul bump