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Ron Paul Needs Help In Congress

SUBJECT: Ron Paul Needs Help In Congress

This is a critical time for our country… Ron Paul is our beacon and he needs more support in Congress to make real change.

Such support will come from a leader with integrity such as Steven Vasquez, an MBA (RPI), entrepreneur(successful tech business called ReQuest) , and a key member in the NY Ron Paul grassroot movement that helped lead to over 7% in the Super Tuesday primary, with no major media or national campaign support. Two of his top priorities are scaling back our military presence overseas and reducing wasteful spending. Steven is running in the NY 21st District and has one of the best chances of winning among the 40 Ron Paul Republicans. The incumbent is retiring this year, leaving an open seat. (98% of the time the incumbent wins). Steven took up Ron Paul’s calling to run locally and will make the hard choices to protect our country and our liberties.

Steven needs your help to win this race. He needs over $200,000 to run a winning campaign. The Ron Paul movement is just getting started! Follow these 4 steps towards freedom…remember, that this one step to initiate hope, multiplied by many, leads to change:

1. Please visit http://www.steven2008.com and donate at least $ 75, $21, or $10.

2. Join Steven's Myspace Page at:

3. Become a supporter of Steven’s Facebook page at:

4. Send this message to 4 or more your like-minded friends.

If not you, then who…if not now, then when…be the change that you want to see in our country.

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check out James Hogan for NJ's sixth district congress

Fortune Favors the Bold


Fortune Favors the Bold

I wish..

.. all the time, effort and money being spent on marches and delegate revolts would be refocused to electing Ron Paul Republicans.

But alas, I will be called a demonic freedom-hating traitor shill McCain supporter for suggesting such a thing.

Oh well, life goes on... =)

amen to that.

I agree :-)

You are correct. Ron Paul

You are correct. Ron Paul put out a calling for us all to run for office. Based on his encouragement and those from my local Ron Paul meetups and community, I took up the calling to provide all of us with more representation in Congress to restore our liberties and fix our economy.

But one can not do it alone. Hope is not only one person running for the White House or another running for Congress. Hope can only be truly created by you, your friends, your neighbors, me... We, the people standing up for our rights and liberties and supporting those who will defend them. Do not abandon the movement. Continue to support issues and help to get our candidates elected.

I think..

.. 20 Ron Paul Republicans in Congress would be more powerful than a lonely Dr. Paul in the White House.

Steven for Congress

I can personally vouch for Steven Vasquez and his commitment to Ron Paul's principals. We need a true Ron Paul Republican in New York (were overrun with Democrats!). Please donate or help out the campaign if you can.

Steven for Congress

NY's Capital Region Ron Paul Supporter

NY's Capital Region Ron Paul Supporter

I love it when

someone is willing to step up to the plate...this is what the RP revolution
is all about. Here's a guy risking his time and lost earnings to take back the ship...and deserves our support. I've donated to his campaign....I figure it's a small price to pay for someone qualified to step into the ring..and he's not even opposing an incumbent.

Senior Citizen for RP

Thank you...

...for your generous donation.


Folks, Steve has a real opportunity to win this. The Democrats have six people working for the nomination on their side. One of the contenders is a Hillary aide. There is another Republican also on our side. If Steve can raise the funds and get support in the 21st Congrssional District in New York State he will have very good odds at winning!

His message is Ron Paul's, his background as an technological developer,businessman, political activist recommend him for the position of Congressman!

He needs funds and boots on the ground in the New York State 21st Congessional District.

Please support him to begin taking back our country from the collectivist, neo-cons.

Another Lunch Buddy for Ron Paul - Steven Vasquez!!


I know Steve pretty well, he's a good human. :-)

Steve is sharp as a tack, and knows how to get things done. He has a great chance of winning the 21st Congressional District in NY state.

Donate $21 for NY's 21st Congressional District.

Wouldn't it be great to have a WHOLE TABLE of Ron Paul lunch buddies!!!

www.steven2008.com for more info!!!