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Radio Ad for RP.

This radio ad started running throughout Pennsylvania on April 10 and will keep running throughout the state until the primary on Tuesday, April 22.

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He is Asking For Donations

On the front page. That is a hint people. Putting that make a donation with the ad. Give today, do not let him drop out.

Go to Youtube

and straighten them out....some are saying WHY bother??

I listened to the ad on the RP website

Is this something that we could pay to have on our local radio stations? When I asked the campaign earlier about this I was told I couldn't use their ads. Anyone know? If I could use this, it would be on my radio station TOMORROW if not sooner.

just do it..

Its easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission......

besides , what would they do ...sue you???

just get a good sound recording...mp3 format and run it!!!!!