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Revolution - A Manifesto

I just picked up Ron Paul's new book from Barnes and Nobles. I wanted to buy four more copies for my friends but the lady said "we don't currently have it stock but I can order more..."

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Just ordered

four more, they will make great birthday presents for my republican family members who like Ron Paul but won't vote for him because they think "he doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell"


Pass them out to friends, family, and associates!

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I have two of Ron Pauls books!!!

Ron Paul Speaks which has words of wisdom...Ron Paul Revolution-a Manifesto...great read. Planning on buying these books for friends.




Book-buying bomb on April 30?

At the Pittsburgh rally, Ron Paul said that Amazon was already getting a second printing of the book and it hasn't even been released yet.

I preordered the book maybe

I preordered the book maybe more than a month ago. I'm sure many others did as well. This book is going to be a big seller for sure.



I ordered "Revolution - A Manifesto" at Amazon, and it showed availability in 8-10 weeks. Seems like a long time. I got "A Foreign Policy of Freedom: Peace, Commerce, and Honest Friendship" to read in the meantime.

For Liberty!

For Liberty!

Amazon Revisited

Amazon isn't saying 8-10 weeks anymore. It now says 7-13 days, and some people are saying Amazon has shipped their books.

Yes, the 30th is the official publication date, but the book will trickle out here and there at stores before then.

Pre_order Amazon

and I still don't have it.
Much to read while I wait!
Roberts Rules (as I prepare for my state convention)
Conservatives Betrayed

Educate yourself

I thought

it wasn't supposed to be released until the 30th??!!

Same here...

I was really surprised. Maybe that's why there weren't any on the shelves. Did anyone else here pre-order a copy from Barnes and Nobles? If so, has it arrived yet?

Borders said they expected book in on April 15th

But I have not had chance to check back to see yet.

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