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Someone cool you know is Catholic : )

Seperation of church and state. Remember when Ron Paul was asked by Leno? if he thought that Romney was catching so much flak because of his faith? and he said "yes- it shouldnt be that way...but sadly yes" or something to that effect. Okay kids- the pope is in town. Lets remember that we are fighting for those antiquated Constitutional precepts that no one else seems to care about- freedom of religion and separation of church and state. Yes we can say how we feel about the pope -possitive or negative- but at the Daily Paul SHOULD we? Lets remember that we are a mixed bag at DP- and we all have feelings. Scathing rebukes on our fellow Americans' personal beleifs are likely better suited for a different website - Lets conduct our debates and conversations the way we would think they would be when Ron Paul is in the White House- keeping topics to things that are pertinent in a political context with a mutual respect of each others right to worship or not worship according to the dictates of his or her own conscience : ) We should refer to the decisions of governing bodies and not personally to those who count themselves in their ranks. Apparently we are only 5.3% of the population- we need to stick together as RP supporters or we'll be divided as Catholics, Roman Catholics, Papal Catholics, Protestants, Atheists and onevoiceofreason : )

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Pope Schmope

All of this talk about the man in a funny hat is worthless. Unless he comes out & says, "Of all your candidates, the one who is trying to do Christ's work on earth is Ron Paul," (was that a monkey flying out my butt?), I have NO INTEREST WHATSOEVER in him. He's just another excuse for the msm to ignore what really matters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that's fine if you don't

that's fine if you don't care about all this media coverage, but try not to upset the people for who this event (the pope's visit) is really important...

But I can tell you now, even if the pope knew who Ron Paul was, he wouldn't endorse him, or any candidate. He will not ever endorse anyone. That would be rude and exceeding power.... he's not even American, so why should he have a say? The Church never has and never will outwardly endorse/push a candidate.

He may not endorse

He may not endorse candidates, but he certainly does weigh in on issues. Although the weight his statements are leant by this administration are open to debate.

on the issues the

on the issues the Church/pope is:

-against the war
-pro human rights/liberties
-pro sound/stable/HONEST currency
-pro helping other people (but it can be argued that welfare isn't helpful to anyone, so don't assume this puts Catholics on the side of Democrats)

etc. etc.

And just because the pope says something doesn't mean everyone will vote as he says.

"And just because the pope

"And just because the pope says something doesn't mean everyone will vote as he says."

I wouldn't think so. Let me ask you, since you seem to be devout, on the issues you mentioned, are you in agreement with the Pope's position? Is it because the Pope speaks on behalf of all Catholics? Or is it because those are the things you glean from the Bible. BTW, this is not meant to be a facetious question, so I hope you don't interpret it as such.


I do agree with the pope

I do agree with the pope that those are issues we should be concerned with... but perhaps he's never heard of/understood completely conservative Libertarian philosophy? ; )

I am pro-life, for the same reason Ron Paul is... I think those aborted babies would otherwise become people and would thus have rights, and since they would become people, they must be people, so they must have rights, and those rights should to the best of our ability be protected.

I believe in helping others too. But I (emphasize on I) believe in helping others. Not government helping others, not government forcing others to help people through charity/taxes/welfare. I think if you have to take away from one person to give to another that's not helping, and I think welfare is a terrible system that doesn't help the people it intends to, instead it makes it worse for them. So, I believe in individual social responsibility, but not government intervention.

You wouldn't even need to help everyone... just your own friends, family, neighbors, etc... allow institutions like charity and churches to have a bigger role and these things could probably solve the problems that welfare seeks to address.

Of course I'm also against the war (because of what that kind of policy is doing- blow back and whatnot... and because it's based on lies, it's a waste of lives and money, it's not a defensive war, etc. etc. all the reasons we already know)

And of course I'm for a sound currency...

However, I'm for these things not so much because the pope is for them, I'm for them because that's what I personally believe. However, it's very likely that my religion has formed my idea of right and wrong as well as m upbringing.... so maybe not necessarily the Bible... but from my interpretation of the Church and its teachings, I've decided that Ron Paul and his philosophy are directly in line with the teachings of Christ so far as I can tell.

Thank you so much for that

Thank you so much for that answer ... I appreciate you taking the time to respond in such a thoughtful way :-)

The Pope won't say anything

The Pope won't say anything because doing so would jeopardize the Catholic Church in the U.S. which entered into a 501(c)[3] contract with Corp. U.S. giving Corp. U.S. supreme jurisdiction over it.


All of the catholics I knew/know abandoned this old mythological religion a long time ago.

it's a sad day when love,

it's a sad day when love, hope, forgiveness, and compassion are considered mythological.

Those precepts have nothing to do with the Vatican

Several million killed in the Crusades and Inquisition can't all be wrong, you know...

Believe in Jesus? Fine. Believe in the Church? Not so fine.

And the apostle Paul was a fraud, and they fell for it!

that's like me saying you're

that's like me saying you're responsible for slavery in the 1800s. Are you? no, of course not. Don't blame people who weren't even alive in the past and run things/participate now for events that were obviously wrong and that happened hundred to thousands of years ago.

I personally don't think the popes in the middle ages/renaissance were very good/sincere.... back then the papacy was a power sought by several rich, powerful, influential, banking families and royalty... those aren't exactly the best type of people to look to for moral guidance. Plus, they went to excessive lengths to make deals and get into papal power. That doesn't happen today.

Lastly, the Church has continuously made efforts to apologize for its past history, even though the people alive today had nothing to do with it.

There is

another post about the pope injected this morning by the same poster whose thread died yesterday...

I encourage all of us to ignore it...

I really wonder why.

The Catholic Church is pro-life and pro-peace. If the 25% of the population that calling themselves Catholics were actually following their religion, we would have a lot more supporters. I really wonder why there is a deliberate attack on this website on such a large group of potential supporters. It serves no purpose other than to alienate people.

Our meet-up group was filled with Catholics. One of the pro-lifers distributed over a thousand fliers. I distributed hundreds of packets of information.

We don't need trolls to break our group up, we are doing a good job by ourselves. Some of the posts about the Pope are doing more damage than OneVoice ever did.

Having had myself a convent school...

education. I think (I hope) it has instilled a good moral structure and foundation to my life. Something that's needed more and more in this crazy world.
I've come full circle and am now quite proud to call myself a Roman Catholic.

Christ himself said, "And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it".

"The essence of freedom is the proper limitation of government". ~ Founding Fathers

and NOWHERE did Jesus say

and NOWHERE did Jesus say and you shall go to purgatory.... all organized religion is, is the attempt to control men, their thoughts, their lives and their money! the same way our federal government that all of hate is doing... wake up folks.. I will also say this.. I consider myself a baptist, but the baptist church is just as bad! Christianity is having a one on one relationship with Jesus Christ.. the church should be a place where you go to learn! not be told what to do and how much to pay.
I want you folks to think about this! when this country really starts to unravel, and there is civil unrest.. are you going to beleive your pastor or priest when they qoute romans and tell us to obey the government! that God says we should do what the government tells us no matter what?

as for me and my home, we shall worship the LORD

i was raised catholic also

so im also entitled to my opinion and based on my experiences i shun catholicism. i attended parocial school as a child like an obedient young girl and daily watched and was subjected to brutality of the nuns, they only stopped hitting me with the large ruler after my father found the bruises on my hands and arms and told them i wouldnt be going back. i was also friends with two choir boys who were i later learned molested regularly by the acting father and sometimes visiting bishop . sick sick sick. dont even try to tell me your sorry or these are isolated events, they arent , never have been.evil took over and resides in the catholic church and youll never convince me of anything to the contrary. the pope is a joke
...... a paid shill same as the likes of the hillarys and the obamas,,,he is , i firmly believe, only a front to the real and hidden power of the vatican;.

12 years of catholic school here

and I don't have enough respect for the group to use a capital "C' in the name. My strongest impressions from those 12 years relate to suffering, guilt and random doses of violence from the nuns and pederast priests. I am grateful for one thing though. Despite the required religion classes we had to take, the education was better than what was available in the public schools. I believe the quality was due primarily to the lay teachers. They didn't make much money, they were in it because they wanted to educate. I don't go out of my way to bad-mouth the catholic church, but I don't buy any of that crap about the pope being a nice guy. People need to remember the Inquisition. The people at the top haven't changed their thinking much since then.

George Carlin said it best...

"I used to be Irish-Catholic, but now I'm an American. You know, you grow..."

My own version: "I used to be Catholic, but I'm doing much better now!"

Ever ask why the so-called infallible statements from the Pope are called "bulls"?

!!! My name is 'aVoiceof

!!! My name is 'aVoiceof Reason'.... I'm Roman Catholic though...

thanks for posting this though... I've gotten so much hate/anger in the past, and especially this week it seems.... when people say something about Catholicism or the pope it really hurts, because it also turns into a criticism of you as a person... to say the Church is corrupt then unfortunately implies that the individual as well is corrupt, because the people make up the Church.

I concede that the Church's past is not the best/most Catholic as it should have been, but people who blame the modern Church/Catholics/the pope for the past is like me accusing all of us being responsible for slavery in this country, when in fact we had no part in it.

I also get irritated when I have to hear about the conspiracy theories that the pope and Catholics are elitists out to rule the world and force Catholicism on people, rape their children, or murder them in secret prayer groups... and yes, I've been accused of these things.

voice... i don't hate any

voice... i don't hate any catholic... some of my best friends are catholic.. just wish they would study the bible more closley and go by what Jesus himself taught... not some old man propping himself up to be holyier than thou! its just like Ron Paul.. people hear the message.. if they take the time to study it they are Ron Paulers for life.. if you study your bible for what it really says and not what some so called priest tells you it says your eyes will be opened! now I'm a baptist.. why did I not follow huckabee? because huckabee does not do what Jesus instructed! pure and simple.. Huckabee was in it for huckabee.. he could have cared less for the people of this nation! the thing that really impressed me with Ron Paul and how I know he is a true Christian is this.. Ron was asked why he did not participate in the congressional prayer breakfast.. and Ron said,
because Jesus said that when you go to the Lord God in prayer, you are to go into a private place or somewhere where others cannot see you pray! this way you are not letting others see you pray thus showing everyone how "godly" you are! and that is exactly what we are told to do in the new testament! threw Ron Paul you see Jesus Christ.. as Christians this is what we want others to see. this is our witness to the world!

as for me and my home, we shall worship the LORD

pray always...

pray unceasingly...eph 6:18,1 thess 1:2,acts 12:5,luke18:1-8,2 tim 3:14

I don't recall saying

I don't recall saying anything about you hating anybody...

and I don't think you know Catholics well enough/understand Catholicism if you think we listen to the pope more than we listen to Jesus...

It's not the Church's fault, the pope's fault, or any individual's fault for not being perfect with their faith... an when you blame/criticize one of them, you do it to all of us.

I really don't know what you might be referencing that Catholics are so 'confused' about... and the pope does not think he's holier than thou. The pope basically spends every day praying for guidance and going to reconciliation. What kind of sin could the pope possibly make? And yet he goes every day, sometimes even multiple times. He doesn't do it as a show to try and prove he's better/holier, he does it because he recognizes he's just as sinful as the rest of us. His role as pope is to help lead all the rest of us, so I would expect him to be in almost constant prayer/communication. That's why he's considered God's representative. Not because he is God, or he's better. He would be what you say he is if he was just an old man that said whatever he wanted and felt. Why do you think that when a person becomes the pope they basically start an entire new life? They take on a whole new name and everything.

With the way many people treat Catholics, I'm thankful there's someone like the pope to help guide us and speak out against all that kind of hatred....

I can't

I can't throw stones like you do because I am not without sin. I will however say that I think humility is the rarest of all the virtues and is sorely missing from this world today.

I agree

I am a bit surprised at all this anti-Catholic stuff here at DP. Leave the Pope alone! He is obviously a very sincere and 'holy' man and I do not believe would condone pedophilia for two seconds.

I personally think ALL Christianity and religion generally is weird but that's just me and I wouldn't normally come out with that opinion. So I laugh when Christians start attacking each other as 'weird'; 'Mormons are weird', 'Catholics are weird'. Well I think you ALL are. And that's fine.

I hope noone is outrageously offended. Sorry if you are.

"What does conservatism today stand for? It stands for war. It stands for power. It stands for spying, jailing without trial, torture, counterfeiting without limit, and lying from morning to night."

Lew Rockwell

Sincere? Look into his beady eyes...

...and tell me what you see. What I see is damned scary!

As for him condoning pedophilia, when he was just Cardinal Ratz he told the bishops that they had authority for 10 years once a priest pedophilia accuser turned adult to cover it up as a church issue, long enough for the criminal statute of limitations to run out. He not only condoned it, he helped to cover it up!

You're right, a religion that has as many bizarre precepts as Xtianity is weird. I'm glad I left.

Holy my ARSE!.. NO man is

Holy my ARSE!.. NO man is Holy in the eyes of God.. the poop is a sinner like all the rest of us.. I cannot stand when men put another man on a stage and say he is holy! the only man who ever lived that was Holy was Jesus Christ himself.. and those of you who think the poop or the catholic priest can forgive your sins are full of it! Jesus Christ is our priest to God the Father.. NO man can do what Jesus does.. I'm not trying to make enemies here with my fellow Ron Paul supporters, but folks just like you found the truth with Ron Paul.. you need to find out the truth with Catholic church! many things they teach are not scriptural!

as for me and my home, we shall worship the LORD

you're right. The pope

you're right. The pope isn't any holier than the rest of us and he's just as much a sinner. That's why he prays all day every day and goes to reconciliation multiple times a day as well... I just wonder how many sins the pope could possibly have.

the pope

is probably considered holy by a great number of catholics.

it's his commitment to and

it's his commitment to and love of the faith that makes him holy. Holy is not a word to describe or compare him to God. It's more a word (in my opinion) to describe devotion to the faith.