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Where, Oh Where is Sarah abused FLDS teen bride?

I'd bet she never exhisted.............. What about you?


See: Pologamous mystery:

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Just read that sometime

Just read that sometime today a judge is going to determine custody of the 400+ children who were removed by law enforcement.


SAN ANGELO, Texas - The 416 children who once led cloistered lives on their church's ranch outside a tiny town in the U.S. state of Texas have spent the past two weeks sleeping on cots, shuffled from shelter to shelter.

But on Thursday, a judge is scheduled to hear from their attorneys, along with attorneys for their parents and Child Protective Services, on whether the children ought to be returned to the ranch run by a polygamous sect or be placed in permanent foster care.

I hope they are able to have independent hearings

The State wants just one big ol' hearing for the entire group of 416 children. That would be a huge violation of individual children's rights.

Send some good thoughts in the direction of Texas today, folks.



Not sure about the teen bride, but perhaps....

They could suspend the constitution indefinitely until they find her. After studying more into this I personally hope these people sue the dog shite out of the state and federal government. If they had an undercover on the inside that witnessed rape of children then I hope they arrest them all and burn down their temple. The fed has not given any proof as of yet for the probable cause other than hear say from an anon phone call, but remember that they are also holding without charges an 18 year old girl. If this 18 year old was the one that got raped and called the cops, and the feds raided the compound based on a single rape case, took 400 children from their parents, and searched the entire facility without proper warrants, then I hope they take 10 billion from the state and get off welfare as a gesture of good faith for the people of Texas.

I'm still waiting on the raids into Catholic and Baptist church homes as there are certainly concerns that there could be underage sex there as well, and unlike the FLDS there have been proven cases of such. If they are allowed to obtain search warrants and confiscate your children, then get ready America as every parent will answer the door armed to the hilt in wait for the fed to attempt to kidnap their children away based on an assumption.

My kids are both grown and I do not have to worry about this, but I will tell you that when they were growing up and I felt there was a threat that anyone was going to take away my children I would not be here to spill my satire...


Dam politicians, not rivers!

Always remember:
"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds." ~ Samuel Adams
If they hate us for our freedom, they must LOVE us now....

Stay IRATE, remain TIRELESS, an

No; Don't Sue The State...

...sue the perpetrators!

Suing the state would essentially be penalizing the citizens of TX, who had no direct say over this operation.

Should any lawsuits be filed, they should be filed against the individuals involved -- CPS employees, SWAT team members, etc.

Yeah, there's probably some immunity clause somewhere, that says you have to direct any suits against an agency and cannot hold the individuals responsible...but...what if there is no such protectionary clause? If this all shakes out the way many of us suspect -- that this was all an undue process -- and lawsuits get flying, I would LOVE to see the individuals making the decisions on this operation be held personally liable.

Bravo, fanofwalt....

Many forget that to "Sue" the state is taking $$$ out of the citizens pockets. It is more learned behavior, a knee jerk reaction to say sue the state.

I think this whole thing is a drummed up case. I hope it will be disclosed who the true "guilty" are in this "legal" witch hunt, and hold them all accountable....

I'd start with the "workers" who answered the phone. The conversation
(neither one, from March 29 or 30) was recorded. I find it odd that not even the second call was recorded. Gee....was there a call at all? Could it have come from a "co-worker"? The whole thing STINKS!!!!!

She is in hiding

We'll find her when we find Osama. Deep in an underground bunker maybe in Virginia.

Larry Mann