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Post Debate: Was That the Worst Debate Ever?


Post Debate: Was That the Worst Debate Ever?
By Denise Williams
Apr 17th 2008 1:27AM

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It took me a bit to realize that what I saw tonight was the total meltdown of media moderation of a debate.

For 51 minutes tonight we heard nothing of substance. I know some readers will disagree here - some were very happy Williams Ayers was brought up and to hear about Reverend Wright just one more time. And somehow wearing a lapel pin or not wearing one is worthy of political discourse for this country in trying times. You know, you and we can go back and forth on these issues daily here and on other blogs and media. This debate was watched by millions - not just in this country, but around the world.

The only person who won tonight was Sean Hannity. This may make some happy, but for most of us it's a disaster. This has nothing to do with who I support for President. I sorely miss the League of Women Voters.

A quick quote from TPM Josh Marshall says all that needs to be said:

Looking around other sites, I guess I'm not the only one that thought this debate was unmitigated travesty.

I'll have more later today. But on a lighter note, on my way out of the spin room tonight I saw a small group on the corner holding Ron Paul signs. I went over and had a brief chat with this really nice group of kids. I asked them if they were the future of the Republican Party and the gave me an emphatic "YES". They expect to one day replace the neo-cons and paleo-cons that they feel are choking the life out of the party and erase the false choices of the two-party system. They raised my spirits and I'm glad I met them.

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