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All Candidates: Declare Allegiance - US Constitution or CORPORATE US?

Enough of the bullshit rhetoric. Let's get to the meat and potatoes of the key issues of the current times. I read this idea and loved it, so let's all run with it:

"What if WE begin a movement via the internet to demand that before November the candidates must individually and publicly state their allegiance to the constitution and their rejection of the CORPORATION of the UNITED STATES? Could WE not raise a stink which would be smelled around the world? Could we not immediately, and without cost, create a tsunami of public opinion by reaching tens of millions of internet users? Couldn't WE simply say "affirm the one and renounce the other"? Not important to the American people you say? Only because they don't know yet that the 75 year Bankruptcy contract expired April 4th and that we are now at a crossroads as a nation. There is no greater issue in this election cycle. The Constitution must withstand this assault by CRIMINAL'S posing as the legitimate government of the United States."

What do you think? Let's spread this.

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Thanks Kemp

I read this yesterday, and thought it was a good idea too. I bet there would be alot of squirming from all of the candidates were asked that publically, except for Ron Paul. This info has to get out there more.


Do you have the source of the bankruptcy contract? I would like to read it.