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Will Ron debate McInsane in PA?

The dems had their debate last night. Will the republicans have theirs? Isn't there some campaign law that's violated if Ron & McInsane don't debate? I am sooooooo ready for a debate just between Ron & McInsane. Somebody tell me this is going to happen!

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Another important question may be...

How do we pursuade Dr. Paul to PUBLICLY challenge McLunitic to a debate. It should be a war debate....McAnus' favorite subject!


I don't think McCain would accept--

Even a fool when he is silent , can be thought to be wise.

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John McCain has nothing to gain and everything to lose by debating Ron Paul. He'll never cooperate. That said, I wish there was a chance he would. I'd pay big bucks to see to see Ron Paul debate John McCain!

My friend,

that will never happen.

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McCain would be a fool

to accept an invitation to debate Dr. Paul. He would be made to look more foolish than he did when there was a full podium. I'm sure the good Doc would jump at the chance, though.

Live Free Or Die

Live Free Or Die

haha, that's not going to

haha, that's not going to happen, unfortunately. Everyone considers McCain as the winner already. Why would they have a debate between the 'winner' and the crazy 'loser' who is still campaigning, but who they don't consider to be in the race?


McCaine has absolutely nothing to gain. It would give exposure to a truthful candidate who has resonated with millions. Given the forum, the Doc's message would attract even more dissatisfied people. He'd laugh at the proposal.


I double posted

McCain may be crazy, but

McCain may be crazy, but he's not crazy enough to go on a stage one on one with Ron Paul. It would be suicide, and he's certainly not suicidal, more's the pity.

I'd be shocked if the McLame camp agrees to......

another debate. As far as they are concerned, with demonic assistance from the MSM, he's got the nomination wrapped up and Ron Paul is no longer in the race. Ron Paul needs to publicly call him out for the next public debate. The time has come for Dr. Paul to get more verbally aggressive and treat the next ten primaries / caucuses in a do or die fashion.

Agreed. The question should

Agreed. The question should be "Will McCain debate Ron Paul?" The answer to that is noooooo way. He's got too much to lose.

If McCain wants free TV time, he'll have to, won't he?

But my bet is he'd rather debate Clinton-Obama.


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He and Romney are campaigning there right now

and getting tons of free TV time.