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419 and 420

Some music to enjoy this weekend in honor of special dates...

April 19th, 1775: the shot heard 'round the world
The outbreak of the Revolutionary War, April 19th is known as Patriot's Day.

Check out any (or all) of these recordings of "Patriot's Day":

Performance Version - contains a naughty "f" word. Length - 2:55

Alternate Version - same as above, but radio-friendly. Length - 2:55

Unplugged Live Version - slower, lyrics are clearer. Length - 3:44

For those, er, celebrating 420, and all those who recognize the importance of personal liberties and the insanity of the war on drugs, there's this:

Drug War - the juxtaposition of the sober lyrics with the bouncy zydeco-style music on this track illuminates the nuttiness of the ridiculous war on drugs. Length - 2:58

All songs by Andras Jones, a gifted songwriter and leader of Mr. Jones and the Previous, an L.A. band I used to follow (and interviewed on my radio show that I had in Hollywood in the 90s). Songs above are found on the albums "A Curmudgeon For All Seasons" (2000), "Previous '99" (1999), and "Mr. Jones and the Fascists, In Search of the 100th Monkey" (1993). You can find these titles and more from Mr. Jones and the Previous here.


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