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"The Economic Stimulus Bomb" for Bob Barr

I think this is a good idea. While we are busy getting delegates so RP can speak at the national convention and help GOP platform. I feel that we need to organize a 3rd party right-flank against McCain simultaneously. I know some of you diehard RP supporters think that RP can still win the nomination. That may be possible; however I believe we should still organize for a contingency plan in case he doesn't. If McCain looses the general election because too many votes got siphoned from him by 3rd parties, then that will create a power vacuum in the GOP that will allow RP's ideology to take over. What do you think?



The Stimulus Bomb

Very soon, taxpayers will receive 'stimulus' checks from the IRS totally $600 for most people.

One proposal floating across the web is that the stimulus checks ought to be used in a fund-raising drive. The first instinct is to
bankroll a viable third-party presidential candidate to challenge McCain and Obama. The obvious choice would be Bob Barr, should he accomplish the unlikely task of winning the LP nomination. The idea, as best as I can tell, originated in it's most natural place, a Ron Paul forum. It was the standard Guy Fawkes or Tea Party money bomb proposal, to wrangle a hundred thousand donors to
give their $600 checks as soon as they got them. That would total $60 million, which is highly respectable, but Obama's cresting $200 million now.

Sixty million is good, and would be enough for Barr to be a contender. Wisely spent, it would mean more than Obama's total. Money plus poor message equals fail. Recall Hilary Clinton buying all the shovels for Iowa. But let's have faith that Barr could use the tools of money better. We'd then want him to have much, much more.

Let's be extremely ambitious. Let's ask if it would be possible to whip together a whole million donors giving their whole checks. Suddenly, we have the Mike Bloomberg war chest. Impossible. We forget the megaphones roughly allied with us. It would depend on our ability to get these megaphones on board.

Our allied megaphones who remain McCain skeptics take credit for
'Operation Chaos,' and at least promoted that idea, even to the point of contemplating out loud holding a fund-raiser for Clinton.

Suppose they promoted it. Suppose Drudge took down his top ad temporarily, and replaced it with a badge promoting the $600 million stimulus bomb.

And if someone could write a funny one-line summary for the venture, it might be featured on 'Fark.' It would suddenly not seem so difficult to get a whole million together on this.

Some may be skeptical of this being a wise allocation of funds. I'd completely agree. Assuming one could raise the $600 million for any purpose, it would be. I notably pointed out the folly of the AFL-CIO spending $53 million to attack McCain. But that money came from labor dues that weren't earmarked for any particular purpose. The $600 million I'm talking about would never be raised for our general fund. It isn't ours to spend, and unfortunately, I don't believe we could rally people behind a grand strategy at this time. Not until we've earned the right to hold their attention. Afterward, we could. We'd earn the reputation and trust to take on a greater long-term agenda.

This moment, we have a John to flush.

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Personally, I think that

Personally, I think that money would be better spent supporting GrassRoots Advertising Projects for Ron Paul, like the High Tide Video Ads, or the Chipin for Ads in major Newspapers, or the South Dakota BillBoards for Ron Paul.

Either that, or donating to Congressional races that can actually be won by Ron Paul REpublicans, like BJ Lawrence, and Murray Rothbard.

Also, while Barr has come around on allot of issues, I think Mary Ruwart is a better representive of Libertarian possitions, and she's very articulate also.


SD Ron Paul liberty Operation up an running.

Donate here https://rally.org/southdakotaforliberty/donate
Volunteer for Phone from Home here http://www.southdakotaforliberty.com/node/4


after much strategic thought and research of the LP candidates etc. I think it is good to support Barr for LP nomination by funds and Mary Ruwart as VP candidate as plan B, in case McCain gets the GOP nomination. Check out Dr. SteveParent's vaudio interviews on the delagte process on youtube. Plan A, Dr. Paul as GOP candidate can still work, we can get the majority delegates after a few election rounds. The worsening situation in Iraq as well as in the economy should aid Dr. Paul against any neocon candidate in the GOP.

Also, the media will treat McCain, the presumptive nominee, as the actual nominee in the next few weeks/months and continue to speculate who his VP pick would be. The Dems will rise in the polls once they have sorted their nominee out.

Now I think for us and also for the LP, it would be the strongest pick and best if they nominate Barr-Ruwart next month. If by the time in August before the RNC, a Barr-Ruwart combination poll considerably strong at the polls, say 10-1% or even if it is in single digits, but enough to show the GOP may loose the election with the LP taking votes, then this may be more pressure on the GOP to nominate Dr. Paul (as they want to win at all costs) and the LP can then join/support Dr. Paul(GOP).

You said...

.."we can get the majority delegates after a few election rounds".

Ok, the first candidate to get 50%+ of the delegate vote wins the nomination.

Now, follow closely. There are only two candidates. One of them will get 50%+ in the first round. There will be NO subsequent voting rounds. Basic math logic.

I really like that idea.

I really like that idea. Timing is critical for the third party attack. The LP is good weapon to influence the GOP. I don't give a shit about the GOP loosing the presidency (if Ron Paul isn't the nominee). This third party right-flank will send a clear message to the GOP that the RP REVOLUTION WILL NOT BE MARGINALIZED. RP, or any libertarian like him, WILL NOT BE CENSORED. They will realize that there will be hell to pay in the future if they continue to do so.

he seems pretty good to me.

he seems pretty good to me. Better than the other 3 anyways, and it's a good idea to have a back up plan ready to go.

I agree

Bob Barr isn’t the best person. But "best" is pretty fu*&in relative in politics. His voting record as a congressman sucks. But that could also be strength. He can help win over neo-conservatives because he used to be like them before he was born-again and baptized by the Libertarian Party. We are not going to find many people with political experiance who are like Ron Paul; RP is one of a kind. The new "Ron Paul Republicans" are newcomers to the political scene and don't have a past political record like Bob Barr. Newcomers have the advantage of starting off with a clean slate. Bob Barr will not win, period! But he can still take votes away from McCain and promote the RP message.

But like the war in the Middle East, its a two or three-front war. There are three battlefields in my view. The battle of the GOP delegates (to allow RP to speak and promote his ideas in the GOP platform), getting "RP Republicans" in congress (the transform congress to a RP ideology), and the last one is protesting the general election and create as much anarchy for the GOP as possible by giving Bob Barr and Libertarian Party a steroid injection with money bombs.

Bob Barr..

.. was NEVER a neocon. You are just making stuff up! Bob Barr was VERY vocal against the Patriot Act and was responsible for the "sunset clauses" being added. And Bob Barr was against the Iraq War from the beginning although he lost his House seat just prior to the war starting. Bob Barr was TARGETED by the neocons to lose his House seat for opposing the Patriot Act. He only agreed to vote for it once the sunset clauses he proposed were added.

Bob Barr has always been a libertarian-conservative Reagan republican just like Ron Paul. Sheeez. =P

"Barr was one of the most conservative members of the House. However, he
displayed a slight libertarian streak, and was considered one of the strongest supporters of civil liberties among House Republicans."

I am not convinced Barr is the right person to lead

The right flank attack. He will have to earn my support.

*nod* Not Ron Paul approved

*nod* Not Ron Paul approved just yet.


I undertand where your coming from. But are there any alternatives besides continuing what we are doing with GOP delegates and electing "RP Republicans" in congressional races? The right-flank will put more heat on the GOP. Bob Barr will not be president, so he doesnt need to be "perfect". He is just running as a spokesperson. Thats all we need. Just someone to take votes away from McCain and make the GOP realize that they need to listen to libertarianism or there will be hell to pay.


Fortune Favors the Bold

lost me with the Columbia thing

Fortune Favors the Bold