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McCain asking his doners to bail out Guiliani, "special fund" related?

Recently, I was digging around and came across a curious article regarding McCain's FEC funding. I wonder if these 2 articles are related in some sneaky way. First, I noticed this :

The Times also pointed out, as have a few other outlets, that McCain has been asking donors "to contribute to a special fund that would not be subject to the public financing limits."
link: http://www.fair.org/index.php?page=3346

I continued poking around today and came across this article explaining how McCain is seeking donations to bail out Guiliani.

"We need to help Mayor Giuliani retire his debt as soon as possible so we can move forward with everyone spending 100% of their time helping to get John McCain in the White House. The time Rudy Giuliani has to spend raising money to pay down his debt is time he could be spending raising money and reaching out to voters for us."
link: http://www.prospect.org/csnc/blogs/tapped_archive?month=04&y...

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Giuliani needs a bail-out

because he accrued so much debt running an election campaign, how much damage would he have done as Prez? We almost elected a guy that can't balance a checkbook...

"To prove this, let facts be submitted to a candid world."

"To prove this, let facts be submitted to a candid world."

Guiliani got himself into

Guiliani got himself into this mess and just like most politicians McCain wants to use OUR money to help get him out of it. We can be sure that McCain would not be doing this if Guiliani did not endorse him -- it might even be possible this is why Guiliani has offered his support. I suppose at least this time it is voluntary... I definitely will not be volunteering any money. Guiliani is worth somewhere around 60 million - how about he take ownership of his own fiscal irresponsibility and bail himself out for once.


hahaha what a bunch of little weasels....

Sadly their incredible audacity extends as far as so many people's stupidity. Pay down his debt so he "spen all his time helping McCain?" Seriously that is one of the dumbest things I've ever heard. How about that crook pay something off from his own money for once in his thieving life. Even dumber though are all the people who wil blindly buy into this. *sigh*.....

"Truth is treason in the empire of lies." - Ron Paul

VP pick?

I can see a motivation to do this if McCain already knows he wants Rudy for VP.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

That is sooooo pathetic ...

That is sooooo pathetic ... on both of their behalfs. Creeps.


Let Ghouli get himself out of debt. I wouldn't give that weasel one red cent for anything....even if he was a homeless man and sick and dying on the street...sorry...but for after what he did after 911 he can go pound sand. Look at how he treated Ron Paul in the debates on the 911 question.He had a hissy fit after Ron Paul spoke how we went to Iraq because we were over there. Screw Ghouli !!!!