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Weirdness Occurring in Houston, Tx.

I went to buy some coffee from my usual place today. When I got in the door, the barista had a pale look on her face. I asked her what was going on. She said that about 30 minutes before I showed up, 3 unmarked white vans pulled up across the street, and guys dressed in camouflage with assault rifles got out, gathered on the sidewalk for a few minutes, got back in their vans, and left. This struck me as pretty odd, especially after I witnessed a U.S. army transport truck driving through the nicest neighborhood in the city last week.

Now, I don't know if the group today was U.S. military, Houston police, DHS, or maybe the militia. Nor do I have any idea as to what they were doing. Another customer who overheard our conversation said that he thought they were rounding up illegal aliens. What I do know, is that the coffee shop is located pretty far away from major targets like the ship channel, refineries, or downtown. The only think that could be considered a target in the area is a federal reserve building, but it is at least 3 miles away across two major roads and a park.

I'm curious if anyone else has recently witnessed, or heard of, troops or feds showing up in places they usually don't go, (and no, the FLDS atrocity doesn't count) or any other suspicious activity, in their area. Thanks.

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I believe this plan

is to get you accustomed to it so it will become common place. First they may take the illegals (but why, they've left them come here and stay by the millions) and you won't think twice - they they come for us!

This is our new reality!

Is this Coffe shop anywhere near the GOP state Convention?

Which is in Houston I f it is you should warn Ron Paul.

i did about three weeks ago

upstate new york , near fort drum military installation and a stones throw over the water from canada. ...i always pay attention to the chemspraying,,,one particuliar day and evening , it was incredibly heavy spraying and i made the boys come inside, usually canadian planes spray on their side, and ours stay on this side of the water, but on that particuliar day, the planes manuvered back and forth with no regard to airspace.,,and add to that a slew of brown-green unnumbered, unmarked helicopters that also flew back and forth,,,,i pay attention to what s in the sky and the manuvers that day were totally out of the norm

You should keep your children

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I live north of Tulsa....

the last month or so we get a few c-130's fly over at around 1AM in the morning. It's got people wondering... those that have been here a few generations have never had that happen. We're not exactly under a military flight zone unless they've changed what they normally do.

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