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A less than subtle step toward Nat'l ID?


I work offshore on oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico and just found out that in order to continue to work there I must go to a Coast Guard station and fill out forms, get finger printed with all 10 fingers, and take a digital photograph.

While I hate this and feel like rebelling, I cannot give up my work. This sucks... what would YOU do?

Dr. BugMan

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Thanks for the replies....

I'll give them some serious thought. I've got a couple of months before I have to start the process. I am a consultant, so already in business on my own, but with 10 people depending on me for work. Not to mention my 4 young children in private school.

Ron Paul would not have put up with this!

Dr. BugMan

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If you absolutely must

If you absolutely must comply with unjust laws, here's an interesting idea for coping posted yesterday at LRC:

Obedience as a Radical Act


Ron Paul Explorer: The All Paul Search Engine


please do not take it lying down. I know this is how they get you. UUGH!! so sorry to hear this, but are others aware.

Run like the wind!

Check the law but I don't think they can make you do something to keep your job after you already have your job.

Contact these guys who are drilling oil wells in the U.S. They plan on many.


If you love the Constitution, are a person of strong morals and integrity, contact these guys for a reference to the companies drilling their wells. This company is contracting to have oil wells dug.

I recently invested - through them - in an oil well just now being drilled.

Personally. . .(you asked). . .

I would get another job. Go into business for yourself, Go green, Go do do anything but get railroaded into the matrix.

I am not saying this in a "flip" way, I am dead serious. Take this as an opportunity to explore life another way.

either that, or organize your fellow workers to strike and not comply. That probably is not an easy thing to do, in that there will be people standing in line to take the job. . .

But for you, you are concerned about it or you would not be asking on this forum. . .walk a different path. . .I bet you would be AMAZED at what will happen if you say NO, I'm NOT doin' THAT. Other than that, when you go to sleep tonight, ask yourself to give yourself a clear answer in the morning, and listen to the voice within. ASK for direction, and you will get it, just keep your eyes open to what will come to you next.

dear sir

i will delight in going off the grid with a very close nit family and friends type of adventure so that i can appreciate the beauty that is left. my kids will learn to love it eventually and thank me in the future!! maybe texas or new mexico??
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