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Oil For war

Hey i thought this was an interesting article. Its from the american conservative magazine.

Its by Robert Bryce.

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If you want to know the

If you want to know the bigger picture then read this eye-opening article:

The war isn't about getting oil from Middle East countries... The war is about scaring and forcing OPEC to keep selling oil in US Dollars.

If OPEC stops selling their oil in US Dollars, the US Dollar dies, over, kaput... It would be the end of our American Empire.

Yes, American oil companies and weapon companies profit heavily from these wars, but the heart of these wars are about our currency and nothing more.


The best documented running commentary of the US Dollar hegemony I've ever seen online is here on DP...lol.


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"The side with most guns goes bankrupt"

The US can either adapt or keep on the road to bankruptcy......nods

Evening Devon :)