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University mechanic bids for seat in Congress

What a hoot :-) At the University of Minnesota, one of our mechs is going to run !! He's running for the Constitution Party in the 3rd district in Minnesota. Way to go Harley !

The Constitution Party of Minnesota will decide in June whether to endorse Swarm, Tammy Houle, Minnesota Constitution Party chairwoman, said.

Houle compared the party's platform to that of 2008 presidential hopeful Ron Paul.

"We're 100 percent pro-life, we are pro-Second Amendment, we believe in a non-interventionalist foreign policy," she said.

"We believe in abolishing the IRS and the Federal Reserve."
Swarm said he agrees with most of the party's major issues, calling it "everything the Republican Party used to stand for."


People worldwide are supprting Ron Paul.

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