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Breaking NOW !!!@=>>>Famed GOP Analyst & Party Insider - "Illini Pundit" Declares Race is OV3R for McCain !!!!!!!!!! <<====@@@@

A Direct Quote from IlliniPundit ----

On April 17th, 2008 at 08:32 PM, IlliniPundit said:

"This is, in essence, McCain admitting that he's not going to have enough money to compete, and that he's not even willing to try.
Say hello to President Obama."

On April 17th, 2008 at 09:08 PM, Local Voter said:


Check out IP's Blog...


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If he hasn't been able to raise enough money to

compete, then perhaps people should be asking the question as to "why" that happens to be the case and "why" the two democratic candidates have been pulling in donations by the bushel. The speech McCain gave at CPAC, and the reaction he received, was a pretty good indication of what he could expect in the way of support from the traditional elements of the GOP. Hillary's high negative numbers are about the only hopeful thing that his campaign has going for him right now and the current numbers still show Hillary finishing behind Obama in commited delgates.

"An economy built on fiat money is a society on its way to ashes."

Do you mean the Loud Booing that McCain got at CPAC?

That booing represents the support for McCain.

Yahoo poll said that 40% are frustrated with this election.

(waving flag)

1. The campaign website has added a small, but important, request for donations to the main page.

2. The Mancow interview sounded less Greenspanesque than previously. Ron Paul stated clearly that he is still running.

3. FEC reports come out monthly.

What can we do to SHOW that Ron Paul is a winner?


What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

go write a comment for Illini Pundit.

It shows something.

Anyone notice Romney is being seen more and more?

Big Corps at work? Have you all read Confessons of an Economic Hit man? http://www.dreamchange.org
Following is part of an email I received from MT GOP yesterday; boy did I see RED. I replied and asked them why Congressman Ron Paul, MD is never mentioned (he is here this Monday, Rally and book signing in Missoula AND he is the GOP State Convention Key Note Speaker in June). I also ask them to please add him to "OUR" state GOP calander. I realize they are trying to raise $$$ for the party but guess who (one vote only please) they support as the Pres. Candidate.

Governor Huckabee Plans Campaigns Stops For Roy Brown and Steve Daines

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He's broke? Where are the GOP faithful?

Now we know why Ron Paul is sitting on the last 5-6 million. He's going to arrive at the convention with more money in the bank than McCain. Man oh Man. Can you imagine the money bomb size if Ron Paul asks for one at the convention, to show the GOP where the cash is? It would be nuclear.

McCain is still refusing to release his medical records to the press. The only candidate refusing this. This little bombshell is going under the radar. It's easy to see he is functioning on massive meds.

The GOP is withdrawing its support of McDone.

They are raising money but ignoring McCain.

Irrelavant post.

McCain was never meant to win in the first place.

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yep your right! as for me

yep your right!

as for me and my home, we shall worship the LORD

GOP $$$ & matching funds for McCain

Read here how they are planning to keep him going!


"I think we are living in a world of lies: lies that don't even know they are lies, because they are the children and grandchildren of lies." ~ Chris Floyd

So, he'll get so much free media

From the talk shows, and punditry shows it will compensate. The same thing happened last fall, when his campaign was DOA from lack of money. The press keep him in it.

And then assuming Obama is the Democratic nominee...

We should re-introduce this great video clip:


I think we should start a new campaign

I think we should start a new campaign... well, in addition to the current one. It's called "McCain can't win."

Cite all the obvious reasons- his stance on the unpopular war, his stance on illegal immigration, his stance on taxes, his stance on democrat legislation, and MOST IMPORTANTLY: FUNDING. Sorry, but money wins, and if you don't have money, you don't win.

Then, after explaining McCain's faults, explain the democrats' strengths (Obama is going to be the nominee... point out the enthusiasm of his support and his fundraising abilities- hundreds of millions of dollars in a matter of months). Then propose the need for a real small government conservative, someone completely opposite the democrats (McCain's too similar). Then introduce Ron Paul. Then explain Ron Paul's strengths- why he can win (he's the opposite the dems- with a real choice people will actually vote on the issues and not personality). Explain how because Paul is an advocate of small government and personal freedom he can win, because that's the exact same way Reagan won. Paul has the advantage on the War and the Economy. He's an expert in both areas, and his record backs everything up (he never voted for the war or spending, yet Hillary voted for it, and Obama voted for funding). Plus he has the support of the troops. His beliefs are all based on philosophy and facts. The others' beliefs are based on pandering to voters. Then explain Paul's solutions.... not only are they in line with the Constitution, but they're realistic, and appropriate and people will appreciate real solutions... such as: people don't like the war, so let's end it and divert the overseas wasteful spending back home. Then we save money and have more to spend here for the things people care about. People respect consistency and principle and only Paul has that. They also respect not having their taxes raised and having them reduced in a time when everything is more expensive. They respect people who have the backing of other experts and intellectuals. They respect people who want to bring their family members home and treat them right.

Spread the fear.... the fear that McCain equals guaranteed defeat. Then show them hope.



Well...Here's My opinion...

If you ever had doubts, lose them. Ron Paul, after reading this story on McCain, is looking stronger than ever!

In Christ,



Grace be to you, and peace, from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ.

In The LORD Jesus Christ;

"where the Spirit of the LORD is, there is liberty." 2 Cor. 3:17


I agree with your..

Opinion. Did you see all the comments made in support of Dr. Paul in this article, and how the few who do not support him call us spammers, but do not back up their negativity with any proof or facts. I get excited when I see positive posts regarding Dr. Paul. I take at least 30 to 60 minutes a day to find articles that I can post on regarding Dr. Paul, and his message. I also take every opportunity to post to articles that are written regarding McCain to point out his faults, and corrupt behavior. My suggestion is that we all try to make comments on these articles so these neocons will realize we are not, and will not give up the message of Freedom, and Liberty.

We will not join the countless number of Americans who vote for the most popular candidate, but instead we will vote for a man of Integrity, and Principle. Ron Paul is the only Pro-Constitutional candidate, and he deserves respect. Sometimes it just makes me sick to see what the media has done to him as a candidate, or I should say what they haven't done. Warmongering McCain gets free media, and the man of truth, Ron Paul gets ignored, hmmm...doesn't make sense. They (the media) must be very afraid, and it shows. I guess it goes back to the old saying "The truth hurts" and I am guessing the media does not want the American public to know the truth.

At the republican conventions

they try to put a patriotic guilt
trip on you.If you are not for
McCain you are against the
Republican party.And people
vote for him because they don't
want to look bad!Sad,very sad!
They won't look so good when they are reduced to living under a bridge!

McCain still has to win the

McCain still has to win the convention. Now, should he win it, what should we do? I know for sure that us 800,000 voters who've voted for Dr. Paul already won't stay home. Maybe try to recruit and draft Ventura to run as an Indy? Any ideas because I don't want you guys to kill me here ;)

You might want to

double or triple that 800,000 number. Since the MSM inflate the number of McCain's supporters, you know they're lying about and severely downplaying Ron Paul's number of supporters (with the help of their little vote shifting behind the scenes).

While I was giving out free DVDs and Ron Paul leaflets on April 15, EVERY single person I spoke to had heard of Ron Paul AND really liked him -- but they just hadn't "heard much about him lately." On the way home, even the taxi driver from Pakistan not only had heard of Ron Paul but thought he was just the greatest -- and despised Obama, Hillary and McCain. He, too, just wasn't sure that Ron Paul was still running.

Forget the indy drafts at this point. Just keep your mind focused on the delegates (which the MSM is also lying about the number of) and hope for a huge Obama and Clinton scandal that will break through in the next few months.

It really looks like the GOP Rank and File is going to ditch him

McCains support seems to be jumping ship. With IP driving a stake in McCain's heart, there is something going on.

Just this morning

on the news, they were reporting that McCain was pulling the GOP back together and pulling in the independents as well as some of the democrats. MSM just builds and pushes any story they feel like pushing. They have created this McCain domination "out of thin air." They have learned that you can create anything you want out of thin air.

I think

Fortune Favors the Bold

the "influence" of the CFR is suggesting they get the democratic contest settled. It also might be a push for Clinton since she is perceived as more "mainstream" then Obama.

Fortune Favors the Bold

McCain's foundation is

McCain's foundation is already starting to crack. It won't be long before he loses significant ground. McCain would need a revolution to win the Presidency. Too bad for him that the revolution belongs to us and Ron Paul.


Time will Destroy him like a Mexican God

Its so 0\/3R for McDone.

Maybe Cindy's home cooking did him in.

nobody wants more war anyway

wait till bush bombs Iran then watch his ratings go way down. Probably soon by the sounds of it.
Mccain is a freak and everyone knows it but they say he's something because media tells them too.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Stop the NWO....It's just illumi..Naughty !

Is This

Good news for RP?

McCain does not have the Nomination.

He is already losing ground and the Convention is more than 4 months away.

Sean InSanity, Rush Bimbo

Sean InSanity, Rush Bimbo and John McInsane.. wow what a great country this is....

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Tim Kelly Director TX

I think you need to edit your post.

"President Obama" is obscene.

Lisa C.


Ron Paul "Sign Wave Across the USA" -- November 5th!

I was quoting Illini Pundit.

IP is a GOP party guy in the know.

If he say McCain is McOV3R, there is a 98% chance he is McDON3.