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The June 21st rally is still a go in D.C.

Right? The Granny Warriors seem to be slandering that date, for what reason I do not know why. Her reply to the drizzles reply in the Freedom Rally Update thread seems like satan overtook her mind and she just totally went nuts on this person for what seemed to me to be a positive reply. Go check it out for yourself it is only about three to four replies deep. I mean it seems like she became John McCain, or the government took over her computer and now has infiltrated us. Their April 15th rally was much appreciated but way too all of the sudden for most of us to make it. I am still in for June 21st, who else is coming? Keep up the great work.

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2008 Porcupine Freedom Festival

Please note that we, the Ron Paul freedom loving supporters can attend the porcfest in NH in June, check out, http://altexpo.org/, and http://www.freestateproject.org/festival, this would be a great place for us all to meet up and plan for our..............you know what i mean. aloha!!

I heard that the date has

I heard that the date has been changed to July 12th now... I'm really confused.

See, one of the problems (at least for me) with the Granny Warriors rally is that it's in the middle to end of the school year. As a college student, I can't exactly just take off as my finals are approaching and throw away thousands of dollars for classes that I miss and potentially hurt my chances at getting my degree... that's why I wanted a date in the summer when I'd actually be able to come.

I saw that post from Granny-Cranky!

Who is planning the June 21 event?


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Plan on going to the march. I am on a 16 day trip anyways that just happens to take me right through d.c.

I have heard rumors

I have heard rumors regarding the June 21 rally such as organizers unable to obtain permits and the date moved back to July. I'm confused. Does anyone know the real story?

It Will Depend

These coming primaries will determine what happens. If Dr. Paul does not get a surge in money or win a state this will not happen.

I don't know. Just watched

I don't know. Just watched part of that video again and he really wants a "grand display" of our numbers in Washington. That is what he asked us for. Someone is trying to organize this grand display and they made a website. I heard they were down to 2 dates and one was july 12. There is a thread on ronpaulforums....

It is not about winning the Presidency anymore

I hope we do win it but to expect we were going to come in and take over the White House is not realistic. Don't get me wrong I hope we do, but these rallies are just the start of this. The election will determine the presidency but only we can determine the future of our country beyond that. The presidency is a hooplah, we have an easy job now we can hit them where they are the weakest at defending themselves, Congress, senate, local positions. We got to attack the weaknesses not their strengths. If we achieve the presidency, that will be a bonus.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!