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Wired News: How a Fringe Politician Took Over the Web

Dear Friends,

Below is the resulting article that I told you was being written last week when I asked for your comments on why Ron Paul is THE internet candidate. The Wired story is decent article in that it gets Dr. Paul's name out there, but again, it tends to focus more on the detractors in the meat of the article. The Daily Paul gets only a brief notice at the end of the article. Your comments on the story are welcome and appreciated!!! Start reading below - click over to Wired to finish reading the piece.


Ron Paul: How a Fringe Politician Took Over the Web
by Brendan Spiegel
06.27.07 | 2:00 AM

When Texas Congressman Ron Paul entered the race for next year's Republican presidential nomination, few political analysts paid much notice.

Paul has no backing from political bigwigs or any campaign war chest to speak of. As the Libertarian Party presidential nominee in 1988 he won less than one-half of 1 percent of the national vote.

Yet despite his status among the longest of the long shots, the 71-year-old has become one of the internet's most omnipresent –- and some say most irritating -– subjects.

According to Technorati, "Ron Paul" is one of the web's most searched-for terms. News about Paul has an outsize presence on Digg and reddit, two sites that allow users to highlight their preferred content. Paul's YouTube channel has been viewed over one million times, dwarfing efforts from competitors like John McCain and Rudy Giuliani. The Ron Paul internet boom has born everything from Belgians for Ron Paul to a reggae music video promoting Paul's views on monetary policy and habeas corpus.

During the 2004 election, a web-savvy campaign staff helped turn Howard Dean's anti-war candidacy into the first online political phenomenon. But the Ron Paul frenzy seems to have sprung from the internet itself. Paul's libertarian message – he is against big government, the war, and pretty much anything that costs taxpayers money – has attracted a group of anti-establishment, tech-savvy supporters who have taken everyone by surprise.

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Oh boy

Oh boy, “tech-savvy supporters who have taken everyone by surprise” - that’s us! (Hillary supporters can’t type, you know) I followed a link once to vote somewhere; hey, why not? - then I got lost.

The article presupposes support is exaggerated. It shores up this contention with anecdotal evidence of cheating - then ends with “…the rest of the web scrambling to adapt.” Thanks for the ride, Spiegel, my head is still spinning.


It's funny how they try to paint a picture of some nerd voting on the same poll 500 times and getting his cyber friends to do the same, as if Dr. Paul only has twenty real supporters. Of course, they neglect to mention that this is not possible on most polls. Naturally, it's the bots calling all these organizations and demanding fair treatment for the good doctor. It's pure jealousy, folks! I said it a few weeks ago...Dr. Paul doesn't need the millions of dollars the other guys do. His message is pure and honest and his supporters will gladly spread it for him for free. You won't see that from the vacuous lots of cookie-cutter supporters of the other guys.

I can honeslty say that I have never seen this much dedication to a presidential candidate in my life. I am proud to be a part of this "revolution", regardless of the outcome. My faith in my fellow Americans has been largely restored. It's no that we don't care anymore, it's that we've not had much to care about in a long time. Six months ago, you couldn't have gotten me to care enough to be involved with the presidential campaigns. With little more than a few words of truth from Dr. Paul, I have since researched, donated, contributed, conversed and blogged as much as possible...every day! I've given up sleep and recreation time. I was out today stuffing flyers (the ones I made) in mailboxes in my neighborhood!

Thanks, Michael!