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Some thoughts on Obama on Stephen Colbert

Obama was on Colbert today, where he did a live comedy routine about calling on notice manufactured political controversies, to huge applaud from Colbert's audience.

Does anybody else feel the blending of entertainment with politics has dumbed down the level of discourse, and lead to the trivialization of serious issues?

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Stephen Colbert

won my heart in 2006 when he compared Bush's popularity ratings to backwash, right to Bush's face, at the White House Correspondent's dinner. Unfortunately, I guess he felt like a failure because he didn't properly tailor his bit to his audience and received a bad reception. Too bad he didn't appreciate how much those of us on the outside loved his bit! I guess I can't blame him: he earns his salary as an entertainer, not an activist.

The media is absolutly the

The media is absolutly the problem. If you watch those programs you can plainly see the satire.Haf of his audiance doesnt reolize the show is poking fun at THEM!

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sorry about all these double

sorry about all these double posts the connection here sometimes refuses to load a page...

I blame it all on the media.

I blame it all on the media. The media dumbs down news, dumbs down political process, dumbs down everything to a point where people actually become dumb.

What other reason could they have for always promoting the "popular" rule by majority election, instead of explaining the virtue of a republic (which the US still is) and urging people to get involved at ever increasing levels - make a difference at your county/state/national level through activism.

(They think - Americans are dumb and lazy, lets let them cast a vote so they think they somehow matter without having to actually do anything, and they can continue to be lazy and sit on the couch and watch tv)

The media has way to much pull in our current political process.

Moral hazard (by wikipedia) is the prospect that a party insulated from risk may behave differently than it would if it were fully exposed to the risk.