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300,000 US troops suffer mental problems; over 300,000 more, brain injuries

Lives are being destroyed, generations forever altered.

And nobody seems to notice nobody seems to care.

Our country is morally bankrupt.



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This tragedy is deeper than most people realize

The pharmaceutical industry has taught us well, "there is a pill for that." Now people who are in anguish over real life events are drugged rather than nurtured. Depressed people are given a drug which carried a warning that is may cause suicidal behavior. WTF??? Want to know what they are not telling you? Equally likely to cause homicidal behavior, every "shooter" you can name WAS treated for their "mental illness." Either just put on, just taken off, or just "doubled up" or did something "off label" so the drug companies bear no liability. However, when you give a depressed person a drug and tell them it will help the depression, and they begin to feel WORSE... it is an understandable mistake, in my mind. Want a famous example? OJ double up on his paxil before he went on his, um, televised drive that was completely unrelated to the brutal murder of his ex-wife and her boyfriend...
check out www.ssristories.com
PLEASE check this out before you take any "mental illness" medications, or allow your loved ones to be "treated."
My career was destroyed by an antidpressant that I was given for depression. I took the pill, my mother died anyway and my daughter still moved out of state to go to college. In retrospect, I wonder what the hell they thought they would cure. I was sad, but I had not even missed 10 minutes of work over it.
We are lab rats for the drug companies, and they get RICH using us for their experiments.
My former career included working on Clinical Trials for the drug companies. Trust me, not them.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

Another "test" batch

The first thing they do to these soliders, is "give them their shots."
I believe the military has always been a testing ground for whatever meds, brain washing techniques, and chemical need to be tested on a broad spectrum of people. "Anti" depressants do nothing but worsen things.
Generally they show more agression and the thoughts of death for them become overwhelming. Long term use of these drugs alter the persons DNA. They have created a batch of (killing) zombies and the results are yet to be realized. God help them, and us......................................


Good to hear

more people speaking out about it.
The article appears to be just drug company marketing propaganda. Only half of the 300,000 are receiving "care"; that means some drug company is missing out on a lot of potential profit. Granted, they may need help, but mind-bending drugs are not a solution. It has to be one of the most monstrous scams of modern times.
Here's another good link:

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