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Why is energy so high?

There may be some who are controlling the price.

Yet, the US consuption of energy is overboard. And
the rest of the planet is not far behind. Why.

For one thing, Tesla wanted DC power systems, produced
at your home, where Edison wanted AC power systems, produced
by plants, and power lines ran to your home.

Tesla wanted to sell the production method, Edison, wanted to control
the electricity, and create a continuing income. The loss of power through the transmission of power through lines, is probable about 35% of the power we use.

Second, and the reason for this post. I was doing a little digging, and I found a pdf published by NASA in 7/01. It states on page 18 that 15% of all power in 2001 was used by computers, and it predicted by 2010 that a whopping 60% would be used by computers.

It's a fascinating pdf, mentioning Moravec "mind children" and Zeroth order logic and lots of other interesting insight into how these people think.

I found it researching "smart clouds"

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The Fed and commodity speculators

Just my guess, but I think energy is high for two reasons:

1) The Fed is printing money out its wazoo, and
2) Commodity speculators are using energy as a part of investment portfolios (according to porfolio theory), just one more piece to the stocks, bonds, REIT, cash, etc. mix.

For one thing, I don't think the energy has increase so much (relatively) in Europe recently because of the exchange rate b/w the Euro and the dollar, a byproduct of Fed Printing-Press-O-Nomics.

all the best,


John Bernard

There are several reasons energy is so high

This is not a simple question, and cannot be answered with a simple answer. There are several reasons...

1) China and India are rapidly modernizing and producing...several billion people between those two and thus huge energy needs. Demand is higher, so price is higher.

2) Overprospecting - For some reason, the futures market for oil and other energy is soaring. The increases in the last year or so are unsustainable, people have seen oil go from mid 20's to 70-80 per barrel in the last decade, so naturally they buy futures thinking it'll keep gaining steam. Cracks are starting to form, and malinvestment into the energy market will drop oil back down to 70-80 by years end.

3) Oil was so cheap in the 90's, there was never an reason to consider other sources. Saudi oil is easy to extract, easy to refine, and was very cheap until only recently. The market has not caught up yet but will fairly soon. There are many other ways to get energy (without major subsidies you ethanol folks). We have massive untapped energy in the form of coal and shale oil in the states, it's just a matter of developing the technology to use it better. It's coming folks, and the longer oil stays about 100 per barrel the faster it will arrive.

4) The dollar is weaker...it's wrong to blame the 4-fold increase on the weaker dollar, but it certainly has something to do with it. It's more realistic to assume somewhere in the range of 20-30% of the increase seen in the last 10 years is due to inflation.

5) Collapse of dollar/oil hegemony. Honestly...we were kept in cheap oil from the late 80's through 2000 because of deals cut between US Feds, big oil, and OPEC to sell oil via dollars only, make the US the first and often the only customer for many producers. With competing markets, our place as the major customer is weakening. Basically...we were getting oil at far under market prices for so long, we got used to it.

It's misleading to assume corporate greed is causing these problems. The market is and should always be the solution. Every company's goal is to make as much money as possible with the resources it has...every mention of the "windfall profit" tax is short sighted. If we tax Exxon Mobil, do you think they will just pay that tax off their bottom line, or will it get passed to the price at the pump?

It's also misleading to blame OPEC and other oil producers. It is not them marking prices up that gave us $100 oil, it's the people who work on the commodites and futures markets who did. Not much of the money that has driven prices that high comes from the middle east...most of it comes from the US, Japan, and western Europe. Don't worry, though, those who've overprospected in oil will feel the pain when the bottom falls out and they lose millions...

That is...until Uncle Sam bails them out. As we all know from our study of the Constitution...one of the roles of government is to print money and pay the losses for investors who make stupid decisions.

World Oil Supplies are Peaking.

Demand is outstripping the pace at which it is able to be pulled out of the ground.

Also fossil fuel is finite.


If you can read. "The End of Suburbia" It's worth the time to get a grasp on what we are headed for.

We can all say what needs to be done, but who here led by example today?

Find out if you have a local militia - http://www.uaff.us/

Real Patriots for 9/11 truth -- http://patriotsquestion911.com/

Don't buy that!

The oil spigots will not run out...not in your lifetime or your childrens lifetime. It's a lie.

First, I have an objection to the use of the word fossil in fuel. It's unproven to be from dinosaurs and wooly mammoths, and most likely is not. There is really no scientific basis for those beliefs. If you won't agree with me, at least question if it is true.

Second, there is a massive amount of hydrocarbon fuel still in the ground, probably 95% of it has been untapped. The distinction is it costs more time and resources to refine into gasoline, when light sweet crude from the Saudi's is easy. There are many abandoned coal mines in Appaliacha, and many more coal deposits which haven't been mined. There is more oil in Colorado than in Saudi Arabia, but it's in the form of shale oil and is difficult to extract and refine. Same goes for Western Canada and tar oil. There are wells off the Atlantic US coast that are discovered and untapped, along with the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska...more off South America. It's a big planet, and the only wells we've found so far are the ones that are the easiest to exploit.

The market has the answer to your problems...when Saudi oil begins to run out, the price goes up (it has) and we'll tap the wells in the states. When that runs out, we'll tap coal and shale/tar oils. By the time that runs out (I doubt it will anytime soon) there will be much better understanding to storing energy in batteries efficiently, there will (hopefully) be many more nuclear power stations built, there will be a better understanding of fuel cells and other sources, and as a power source of last resort...there's the glowing ball of nuclear fusion at the center of our solar system. Don't sweat energy...it will not run out.

By the way....corn is not the answer, and never will be.

Oil's is not high,

the dollar is low. The Bush team has been printing money like there is no tomorrow (and there might not be), and it's caused the dollar to become worth less and less. The Arab countries aren't as gullable as most Americans....they see through the irresponsible monetary policy and they demand more dollars for their oil. Bush and his team of market manipulators moved in on the Merc Exchange to see that the Arabs are obliged. Otherwise, the Arab countries would follow the lead of Iran and start to sell their oil for Euros, and we can't have that now, can we? Bush to Middle Class Americans - Forget U.

alan laney

I do not have a complete explination to your question but

... the following quote is interesting.

"Control oil and you control nations. Control food and you control the population."
Henry Kissinger

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Tesla was the AC guy. Other

Tesla was the AC guy. Other than that, interesting post. I'd like to add that Tesla was far and away more ahead of his time than any of his contemporaries. How the guy could project a mental image in his head of oscilating magnetic fields and then perfect an invention such as the alternator in his imagination before even building it is truly amazing. Few realize how much Tesla gave us. Marconi would not have invented radio had Tesla not developed and patented the precursors to it. the Mysterious HAARP apparatus that the military uses in the artic is another of Teslas developments. Too many things to name. Some say that when he died, the government seized all of his notes and effects and kept them for their own research efforts. No doubt about it. Tesla doesn't get the recognition he deserves.

Things are only impossible until they are not.
-- Jean Luc Picard

Things are only impossible until they are not.
-- Jean Luc Picard

Agree re: Tesla and his genius. It wasn't until a couple of

years following his death that the U.S. Supreme Court finally acknowledged and upheld Tesla's radio patent, finding that Marconi had directly drawn from Tesla's earlier patents. His work also included the first radio remote control system that was the predecessor of present day guided missiles and remotely operated vehicles of our time. A rare genius for sure and no, he still doesn't get anything like the recognition that he deserves.

"An economy built on fiat money is a society on its way to ashes."

Because the Dollar is so Low

People are buying up a real item of value, instead of keeping cash.


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The future

PS: Tesla and Westinghouse were AC while Edison and Morgan were DC.

I read the NASA Future War document. Wow! All this and not one word or $ for peace or programs on how to get along with our global neighbors. To call this "intelligence" would be an oxymoron. It is completely fear-based. Regardless of what I think it is what 'they' think - hence our exploding Military Industrial Complex - all fear-based of course.

Where are the plans and funding for a better friendlier world? Not much corporate profit in getting along I guess.

I thought Tesla was the AC guru

From a brief story on Tesla I read the other day, Tesla butted heads with Edison because Edison had his DC plant in line all down the east coast. They were DC, and a sub-stations were needed every 2 miles. Tesla's AC was much more effiecient delivering power. The article said eventually he and Edison parted ways, and Tesla took his AC process to Westinghouse. Tesla was also responsable for two radios. Thats what I read, I can dig it out if anyone wants it.

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Have you seem Indian in the machine? He's got cloud pictures he takes and some very nice music. Tesla is one of my heroes. I am using a product for water treatment that employs nanotechnology. It doesn't even touch the water it influences it. I think Tesla would have understood Quantum Physics and how energetic medicine works. I like reading your posts they are informative and possitive. Thanks.

Larry Mann

not quite

Power is so expensive because they want it to be....they are purposefully bankrupting this country and will use "green" or war to do exactlly what they want.....steal our money and take it all...they create the crisis and then their fix is chaos....

"and the truth shall make you free"
John 8:32