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EVER WONDER WHY? Bush and Cheney have that perpetual smirk and grin?

Ever wonder why Bush and Cheney have that perpetual smirk and grin. It's because for the people who they work for, their administration has been a huge success!

The neo-cons and the Money Masters have raped the American taxpayers and their grandchildren on an unprecedented scale and they really don't care if they are popular or not!

The two major strategies of "Print and Spend Money" and "Control and Hold Oil" have forever redefined the meaining of Grand Theft. Now they have the guns in place to control both the flow of oil as well as prevent the Middle East from developing a competing currency and Central Bank.

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Smirk says, "Amazing, we are

Smirk says, "Amazing, we are actually getting away with it"

"It is like a finger pointing away to the moon, don't concentrate on the finger or you will miss all the heavenly glory." - Bruce Lee

"But, indeed, no private person has a right to complain, by suit in court, on the ground of a breach of the Constitution. The Constitution it is true, is a compact, but he is not a party to it."

Yep you got it!

And when he declared Victory in Iraq with that big sign on the ship, what he was really saying was, "we have pulled off this huge scam on the American People and now we have landed in Iraq, providing the foothold in that region to control both the oil and money of that region".

They want to keep the oil off the market to maximise profits, they want a military presence there as a threat to "bomb the hell" out of any country that wants to create a competing currency.


I thought that then and I have always known he knew. He was way, way too confident. He was all but screaming it at us.

Hmm-this was suppose to go under SableArms.

Not really...

Obviously they have gas!


GWB had that grin in the winter of 1999 when the......

Supreme Court was allegedly "deciding" the fate of the 2000 Presidential election. It is were though he knew he was going to win. But how could that be? How could he possibly have known the end result before the Supreme Court announced their decision? I will never forget that look on his face, that obnoxious, arrogant grin, while he was being interviewed. He already knew his status and for one simple reason, he had not been elected but "appointed".

You got it!

He was chosen as the "stooge in charge".

I read somewhere...about a

I read somewhere...about a year ago....that because of all the new laws etc., shrub is considered the most effective policy-implementing president in our history.....never mind the fact that all these new laws and policies amount to nothing more than a huge pile of sh** that moves us into a police state under a rogue government

**the soul would have no rainbow if the eyes had no tears**

The Good Thing Is

Since Bush has created so much power out of the Presidency, it lays the ground work to give it all back to us should Ron Paul somehow pull off the miracle. With so much power now in the office of the White House, the next President will have access to things he/she has never had before.

This is why the election this year is so important. But in the end the popular votes don't count for crap. Just ask Georgy about that.

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