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Ron Paulers at the ABC debate

Scroll to the bottom of the page to find this comment and a photo from an AOL blogger:

"...on my way out of the spin room tonight I saw a small group on the corner holding Ron Paul signs. I went over and had a brief chat with this really nice group of kids. I asked them if they were the future of the Republican Party and the gave me an emphatic "YES". They expect to one day replace the neo-cons and paleo-cons that they feel are choking the life out of the party and erase the false choices of the two-party system. They raised my spirits and I'm glad I met them."


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Thanks for posting that...

it made my day.

No matter what happens with this campaign through November and beyond, it is impossible to deny that *something* has changed for a lot of people. There is a whole generation of Ron Paul supporters who, for the first time, have found a political identify... myself included. I sincerely hope that, years from now, we look back on this campaign as the start of something significant. I also sincerely hope that it didn't start too late!