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Ron Paul Introduces H.R. 5842

Hey everybody, I posted yesterday about Rep Paul and Rep Frank introducing bills into congress dealing with the subject of Marijuana.

Barney Frank's Bill is H.R. 5843 and would decrimanalize up to 100 grams (3.5 ounces or so) of marijuana at the federal level.

Rep Paul's Bill is H.R. 5842 and would protect medical marijuana patients in states that have legalized medical use from federal arrest, harrassment, prosecution, etc...

Both bills should be supported whole heartedly by all of us - as Dr Paul sponsored one and is co-sponsor of the other.

Also, if you think these bills are a good idea, perhaps you would consider joining NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) as they are the preeminent marijuana freedom organization in the country.

Check this out:


You can join NORML for the low low price of $4.20 for a year membership if you sign up on 4/20. I know i know... they borrowed Trevor Lyman's and the Revolutions idea here...but i dont care because I think its important that we support Dr Paul in his crusade against the ridiculous and unconstiutitonal federal war on drugs. Especially the stupdity involved in the war on responsible adult cannabis consumers. In reality, as Dr Paul surely knows, a "war on drugs" is a non-sensical phrase - it IS and always HAS BEEN a war on people and personal freedom. Thank you,


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But if it's decriminalized....

...that part of the 'war on drugs' would no longer be profitable! Just think of all those poor global pharmaceutical corporations that'd loose all the revenue from their 'medicines'. And of the courts, who'd loose all that income from the sales of their property seizures.

You inconsiderate terrorist you!

/end sarcasm


Your sarcasic points, unfortunately, are reasons why Congress members will not support medical marijuana. The pharmacutitcal lobby is scared shitless that people will start self medicating with plants they grow in their backyard and wont need their stinking overpriced pills. So you have Reefer Madness 2.0 - - - where people like Drug Czar John Walters claim "Today, marijuana is more dangerous than heroin, meth, and cocaine combined." Seriously. When questioned on the dubious (pun intended) claim, he said that treatment centers report more admissions for marijuana addiction than all the others combined. Funny that - - at the same time, drug courts have been giving people arrested with marijuana the option of going to "rehab" or going to jail. Not surprisingly, almost everyone chooses rehab over jail.

This is just another example of the propaganda wing of the national government going over the top. Ron Paul knows it, I know it, you know it, everybody knows it, and Congress is too beholden to their big pharma money to have any principles. So thats why i urge everyone to call their reps, ask them to support the bills. If they balk at the suggestion, call them out and embarass them with a fat dose of reality/truth. It will make you feel better - - at least it did for me.


Marijuana Addiction....There

Marijuana Addiction....There is a stupid Idea...ITS NOT CHEMICALLY ADDICTIVE!!! You have Canabonoid recepter cells in your brain....these do NOTHING else! Psycological addiction? Sure, you can be Psycologically addicted to Pancakes!

Fanstasy Unfledged-Please support local music.


I attend NORML's legal seminar's for CLE credits - - and I am a member. I have no authority in the organization whatsoever outside being a dues paying member myself. I know many NORML affiliated people and they are truly committed to the cause. Keith Stroup, NORML's founder and legal counsel, is currently fighting a case in Massachusets wherein he and another fella were arrested for smoking a joint at a marijuana freedom rally at Boston Commons. They have harvard law professors representing them and are trying to also bring back jury nullification - - a topic that has been brought up on here several times and is a great check on governmental overreach and abuse.

Please please please call your reps to support Rep Paul's bill (or co-sponsor it) as well as Barney Frank's. I have called all my Congress critters from IL (theres a lot) to pass along my encouragement to them to support both these bills. Thank you and have a safe & fun weekend.

Yeah not going to back pedophile Frank

But Ron Paul is for sure going to get some calls from me.

Who cares who introduced

support the Bill for its content, not who introduced it. And if Ron Paul co-sponsored Frank's bill, whats the problem?

Kay here's some evidence

picture: http://cache.wonkette.com/politics/frankhand.jpg

and some stories

I'm all for Ron Paul's bill, but I wouldn't even sully my energy with Frank's legislation.

Ron's bill is the way to go anyway, we can influence the medical industrial complex and the police state with one bill.
This is how the NWO got us-incrementally changing our conciousness over many years until today when the majority think its okay to let cops taser people until they die for a speeding ticket.

Ron's bill is sensible and has some precedent in some states, Barney's bill is just to limit the amount of marijuana people can have-which makes it very easy for cops to "bust" people if they don't have the right amount of pot. They've done the same thing in England, justifying searching people's houses. The bill should not limit the amount of pot someone has, it should be allowed to be sold like cigarettes or alcohol-because it doesn't have any greater deleterious effects than either of these.

Frank is gay - -so what?

"Barney's bill is just to limit the amount of marijuana people can have-which makes it very easy for cops to "bust" people if they don't have the right amount of pot."

Ummm... its currently illegal under federal law to HAVE ANY amount of pot. For whatever reason. And federal law does not recognize a medical necessity defense for people in state's that have legalized it. You cant even bring up the fact that what you were doing was legal in your state in federal court.

Dont get me wrong, i would prefer outright legalization and taxation of marijuana like alcohol and cigarretes. But shit - baby steps my friend. First decrim, then when the country doesnt go to hell in a handbasket, then full blown legalization. Dont put the cart before the horse

And i am in IL - Frank is not my congressperson and I dont know what truth value to assign to barney frank being a pedohphile or the link you provided. Actually, to put it more bluntly :) i don't really care. As his being a pedophile or not, his bill is supported by Dr Paul who is a co-sponsor - perhaps you should take your pedophile beef up with the Ron Paul people since whatever critisicm is thrown at me applies equally to him. You can still call your congress person and have them take a step (however incorrect you personally think it is ) towards a more sane federal drug policy. Have a good weekend,

Amen to that

It is right in line with the implication that only perfected Chritians are worthy to vote for Ron Paul. And Jesus is not a citizen, so we know how many eligible voters that leaves. If the craziest consiracy theory loving anti-Semite racist pig alien abductee whack job on the planet can tell Ron Paul is a better man than he, why Ron Paul somehow "blamed" for this person wanting to vote for him? If that same whack job has another rational moment and introduces good legislation, support it. Nothing but broken people to work with, folks. Get over it. Ron Paul is truly exceptional, stop expecting everyone to live up to his standard. REACH for his standard? YES!!!

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

Excellent point

I just wanted to add that your sentence above about the anti-semitic racist alien abductee whack job conspriacy theorist made me laugh quite hard on this Friday.

If only because i sometimes feel that there are some of them here (not anti-semitic and racist mind you, rather, X-files type conspiracy theorists). I often wonder if these are the people who buy those magazines at the grocery store counter with the "Bat boy mates with lizard girl: End of world near" type stories on the cover. Somebody has to be buying those, or they would go out of business, right? OR - and this is big - its intentional disinformation from the government to keep people occupied and ignorant of the REAL bat boy & lizard girl anti-christ offspring who is the illegitimate offspring of President G.W. Bush!! *wink wink*

Thank you,