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Question for silver savvy people...

I found a local coin shop that has 2008 Silver Eagles...they stopped making those...but this guy got them the first few weeks in the new year and is selling them for $24.00....seems you can't get these right now. Sound good...any thoughts on this?

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silver is silver is silver

silver is silver is silver is silver. just get the most silver you can for your money. I like generic rounds as long as they say .999 fine silver clearly on them. I wouldn't count on having any kind of SHTF, nuclear holocaust scenario. You won't be using your silver to buy bread any time soon even though we are in a recession.

Just buy as much silver/gold as you can until the fed reserve starts raising interest rates again. At that time the gold bull is over... sell most of your metals, take your money and be happy.

btw the real money is in the mining stocks not the physical stuff but it's still good to have some physical

here is a good website i have learned a lot from: http://goldismoney.info


I've heard about investing in mining stocks....what's the best way to do that - through what brokerage....I've been trying to investigate stocks, but have little money to invest, and am suspicious buying anything that will give dividends, etc. in the dollar!
Thanks for any and all help!


Wrights Coin Shop in Asheville NC sells 1oz bars & rounds...and 10oz bars for $0.75/oz above spot...

NIce folks too...I don't know how they would deal with phone orders...but i suspect they would...:)


Teaching Flying...and talking Ron Paul...and Liberty!

Teaching Flying...and talking Ron Paul...and Liberty!


I called your guy at Wrights Coin Shop...$25.00 for 2008 silver eagles...and doesn't have any 10 oz. bars....but very nice man!


I only buy the 1oz bars and rounds...not Eagles...

WOW...they had 4 10oz bars when I was there yesterday...


Teaching Flying...and talking Ron Paul...and Liberty!

Teaching Flying...and talking Ron Paul...and Liberty!

You're right-thanks for the heads up!

I just heard that they should resume minting 2008's again this month...is that true? On Ebay, they go for more money if they are NGC MS70...a high grade? It's confusing to me...I think in the end, when I need to buy a load of bread with one, it's not going to matter so much...as long as it says 1 oz!

Don't Buy Graded Coins Unless You Are A Serious Collector

Forget about paying extra for a NGC MS 60-70. This grading system just has to do with the beauty of the coin and really is designed for the serious coin collector that loves their hobby. It still contains the same amount of silver, (one troy once of 99.9% pure silver) as any of the graded coins.
In the future when you trade your beat-up old one once silver eagle coin to fill up you gas tank, get your car washed, have it waxed and pick-up lunch to go, it won't mean a hoot what grade that coin is.

Unless you're a savvy investor,

or a fussy collector, avoid the high grade specimens. When the bubble pops we'll be focusing more on metallic content while we put our hobbies on hold.

For the record, Mint State 70 is the best it gets on the septidecimal scale. It means a perfectly centered and executed strike with zero flaws, tones, or blemishes.

Lower end Eagles are usually a good deal for most of us. Shop around.

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