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+ NBC - 2 out of 3 young children on mind altering drugs in CPS TX +

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What Hypocrisy!~ They drug our boys in public schools...

for ADHD when they are cutting recess and PE out of the school day....(and every one who has boys KNOWS if they had these outlets, they would not need the drugs to calm them.) Then they teach the children to just say NO to drugs! Does this make sense to anyone here?!?

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I recently began a new

I recently began a new health insurance. So I went in looking at their lists of doctors. Wow, isn't it great that general practioners and family medicine comprise about 8% of the doctors listed. All the rest are some type of counseling. (behavioral specialists) How many people do you know that ARE NOT on some type of drug for anxiety, depression, bi-polar, etc. And God love them if they qualify for SSI so they can be drawing $800-$1200 a month from "the government" and receive food stamps, lowcost housing and low rates on utilities. I remember growing up in a poor household with parents that would have never accepted welfare. Way baaaaaaaaaack then no person with pride would ever accept a government handout. Sadly today these people don't accept that handout, they demand it! And gee, I wonder who is paying for all that? I have a good friend who has a step daughter from a former marriage. This step daughter received $6,000 for back pay from SSI because she (diagnosed) as bi-polar. I am sure she deserved that along with the $900 plus she gets each month even tho the only job she ever had was dancing in strip clubs and has never paid a damn dime in taxes. The federal government is doing really well with turning the people into dependant sheep. when those checks stop going to people like this, swhtf. I hope I am on an acreage far away from the violence and the mayhem. It won't be pretty!

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thanks for making a new post about this, flea.

any guess as to who the next 416 victims of mind-altering drugs in Texas might be?????



Interesting, thanks for puttin' it up.

They want people on drugs, easier to control if your ignorant. Thats why the war on drugs is a farce. My thought.

it's all about the $$$ drug

it's all about the $$$

drug companies push these mind drugs...and TX cronies give contracts to drug companies to furnish drugs to children in CPS custody.

stands to reason, then, the more meds doled out...the more $$$ in the coffers of corporate and state abusers.