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Awaking the Sleeping Giant!

Just as the Japnese generals predicted that bombing Pearl Harbor would result in "Awaking the Sleeping Gaint" to do battle, RP's book could do the same. Awaking the US citizenery of what is really going on could result in arousing a force the Neo-Cons had not anticipated. If so, it could be the most important war Americans will ever fight.

I for one say - "Let the Games Begin".

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Got my copy yesterday

from Amazon.com. Ordered in advance, of course ... but the wait obviously isn't as long as they let on.


a book to your Public Library.

Lets get a chipin to send some

To All National and State level GOP offices

The Ron Paul Book Bomb!

I have it on good authority

that books donated to libraries typically don't end up on the shelves. Instead, they go into the next book sale to earn money so the library can buy the other books they think the public should have available. So look before you lea ... er, donate.

Of course you could

give a copy and mini-education to the local high school history teacher.

We All Need To Buy This Book

Also, it would make a great gift for our friends and family members.

Or, what about a graduation gift?

Remember the numerous publications that

played such an important role in the American Revolution. Thomas Paine's common sense provided the battle cry "Give me Liberty or Give me Death". It played a critical role in galvanizing support for the first revolution. It could be de-ja-vu all over again!


It is up to us!! Buy multiple copies and give them or loan them to friends, family, neighbors, associates. Give a copy to the local library. Pass them around!!

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