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Who lives in the Midwest and felt the earthquake last night?

I did! 5.2! I thought I was imagining it.

I live in a skyscraper in downtown Chicago, and the whole building as shaking/swaying!

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...hmm, what? 5.2? Oh.... *goes back to sleep*


5.2 that's hardly nothing ;-)

Funny comment "Walt" hmmm 5.2 yawn, go back to sleep ... I had my first baby February 9, 1971 ten minutes before it hit a 6.6 ... what a trip that was. It's just awful if people die or get hurt. Other than that ... enjoy the ride!


felt it clear down in Chillicothe...that was a long way to travel....my question....I am wondering how people in southern ohio felt a 5.2 earthquaake in illinois? Did it travel a fault line???

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Here in Ohio--

Our son woke us up around 5:30 this morning said the door on his locker in his bedroom was opening and closing. We live in the country so I thought it was mouse--my husband thought he was dreaming. We didn't realize until we got up this morning that there was an earthquake. Also, a little before that happened our cat jumped up on the bed and starting meowing at me like he wanted out, but then curled up real close next to me under the covers. His fur was also wet like he had been sprayed or dripped on. Haven't figured that out yet. Weird!!

Bloomington, IN Earthquake

my first thought was, "TORNADO" seriously! - felt like pressure...probably because I was disoriented. I just had woken up to go to the bathroom...windows were shaking pretty strong. - SHAMELESS IDEA: interact with folks on the forums (everywhere) and calmly bring up Ron Paul---perhaps his new book. - don't be pushy just mention it along w/ your earthquake story...you'll reach lots of new people.

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me me me!!!

at first i thought it was something paranormal shaking my bed-LOL but then my daughter got up and said- mom, i think there was an earthquake- so i got online and sure enough, she was correct!! president ron paul president ron paul president ron paul president ron paul


I was 22 miles away in Vincennes, IN.

I'd never been in an earthquake before, but I knew immediately what it was. Later, at about 1:10 p.m., there was a second quake of about 3 on the Richter scale.

I only found two items that had fallen over as a result of the quake -- one in my office and one in a pantry. We're very fortunate that so little damage was done in the affected area!

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Me neither

I live in Chicago - there were reports that sky scrapers were wobbling, but i find that hard to believe. I slept right through it - of course, i can sleep through most anything. Including my alarm! My parents live in Central IL and they didnt hear/feel anything either. I'm just afraid that its a prelude to a larger quake that was predicted in the early 90's for the New Madrid Fault or whatever its called. Look out St Louis!!

I live downtown in a

I live downtown in a skyscraper. Believe me, the whole building was moving!

50 miles south of Chicago

I was sleeping like a baby . . . didn't feel a thing!!


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I am in the St. Paul, MN, and I didn't feel it. Some of my buddies from areas closer to it felt it. They are worried about some roller coasters that are nearby.