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Open Letter to crazy people

Below is a letter that I wrote for a particular gentleman that claimed to my girlfriend that RP is a lunatic. I know it is preaching to the choir, but I figured some might like it. Or even use some of it.

An Open Letter To Those That Claim That Ron Paul IS Crazy Or A Lunatic
To whom it may concern:
Over the past year of supporting the Ron Paul campaign for president of our glorious United States of America, I have come across numerous people that have claimed Ron Paul to be crazy, insane or a lunatic. It is really sad that such people are so ignorant of their surroundings that they would make such remarkable statements. What I have found is that every single person that makes such a claim has no real understanding of Ron Paul’s position or that they have no real understanding of how our government really works. So with this in mind, I will attempt to educate the people on some of the realities of our world.
The most common complaint about Ron Paul’s psychological condition is due to his desire to abolish the Internal Revenue Service or as we like to call it, the IRS. The common argument is that we need taxes in order to run the government. On the surface, that sounds like a plausible position, until you find out that none of our federal income taxes go to services provided by the federal government. Ronald Reagan initiated a commission, known as the Grace Commission, to determine where our federal income taxes were being used. The conclusion of that commission was that 100% of the federal income taxes went to the Federal Reserve to pay off the interest of the Treasury’s spending habits. In other words, that means that not a single penny of your income taxes goes to federal services or programs. Sounds crazy, right? But wait, there is more.

Tied in with the craziness of getting rid of the IRS is abolishing the Federal Reserve. We need the Federal Reserve, people cry. Really? Did you know that the Federal Reserve is a private organization? That’s right; the Fed as we like to call it is not a government agency. Not only that, there is no legal oversight for this private company. Sure the Chairman of the Fed talks to Congress every now or then, but Congress has no control over what the Fed does. Therefore, the truth of the matter is that 100% of you federal taxes go to a private company. It is the Rockefellers, Morgans, etc. that are getting your hard earned dollars. Wanting to continue this absurd program of giving our money to a select few private citizens sounds a lot crazier than wanting to stop it. Wouldn’t you agree? The Fed and their member banks are responsible for our present financial condition. Not the government. Though our great elected leaders sit ideally by and let it happen.

As a side note. I have a bachelors degree in economics and a MBA. I have worked for several successful startups and have founded several of my own. Though I am not an expert on monetary policy, I do believe I am more knowledgeable than most. Ron Paul knows monetary policy better than most experts. When he talks about monetary policy you should listen. I do.

Usually the next subject matter is that of foreign policy. Most people claim that the answer to our problem is not to become isolationists. To that we agree. The problem is that Ron Paul has never advocated isolationism. Sure he has, people reply. No, sorry he has not. If you would stop watching the funny bobbleheads on television and actually research his position, you would find that this is not true; he just wants us to stop being the de facto police of the world and getting involved in other people’s business.

Next up is the war in Iraq or the war on terror. People love to combine these two issues into one big burrito. Unfortunately they are two completely different issues. There were never any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and if on the off chance there were, we gave them to them. There were no ties between Iraqi government and any terrorist groups. Both of these issues have been acknowledged by our glorious leader, Bush Junior. So why are we at war in Iraq? The answer is simple, but you will not want to believe it. We are at war in Iraq because of the almighty dollar. There are two distinct programs being serviced here. One is the use of corruption to siphon dollars from the American people to private companies that are acting as contractors on our behalf. Don’t believe me. Do the research. Presently we are paying a private company $90 to do a load of laundry for our beloved troops. That’s right $90 for a freaking load of laundry. That is the tip of the iceberg. It is time to start paying attention to what is really occurring.

The second part of the almighty dollar has to do which the actual global value of the dollar. In the 1970s, the United States and the OPEC countries made an agreement to base all oil sales in the American dollar. Therefore if any country wanted oil from the OPEC countries, they had to use dollars. This forced all countries to hold dollars in reserve, which in turn increased the value of the dollar. If oil trading could use additional currencies all the countries could use other currencies for oil. This would in turn mean that they didn’t have to hold dollars in reserve. This would lead to a flood of American dollars on the open market crashing the value of the dollar. The problem starts when a couple oil producing countries start selling oil in other currencies. Who are these rebel countries? How about Afghanistan and Iraq. Sound familiar? Oh, and the next country on the list; Iran. Iran hasn’t started yet, but they are working as hard as possible to set up a new trading center that is based on the Euro, not the dollar. Don’t trust me, but be assured that they are working on this ten times harder than their supposed nuclear program. Does this sound like a worthy endeavor for destroying over 4,000 American families and hundreds of thousands Iraqi families? When dealing with the wars, please take in consideration that Ron Paul has garnered more donations from active military personnel than all the candidates COMBINED. That should tell you something.

Just a short blurb on terrorism. Does it make any sense in the world that we pass all these laws that infringe on our civil liberties in the name of safety or security when our borders are not protected? Good old Senator Lieberman is shouting from the mountain top that we are more vulnerable to a terrorist attack than ever before. He and the rest of Congress gladly support laws to help stop these terrorists, but make no real effort to protect or borders. Who’s crazy?

Let us continue. While numerous pundits and so called experts laugh about Ron Paul’s foreign policy, the real experts from the CIA and State department quietly acknowledge that Ron Paul’s foreign policy is actually right on the mark in terms of what we should really be doing as a respectful nation.

Next comes the plethora of government agencies that Ron Paul wants to abolish. I won’t go into the details of everyone and the sound reasoning behind the stopping of wasteful spending. But I will use one as an example. The Department of Education is one of the biggest wastes of all time. First off, the constitution doesn’t allow for the federal government to be involved in education. That should be enough, but unfortunately most people these days consider the constitution as just a piece of paper. Just as Junior Bush believes. So, we must show why it is a waste. Ever since the Department of Education was established, our children have been declining in every subject when compared to other nations. Everyone, except Bush supporters, has agreed that the No Child Left Behind Act doesn’t work and actually makes things worse. So even it is unconstitutional and makes things worse, it is still an important agency. Right? Ok, taken directly from the department website; the Department of Education has a budget of $68.6 billion dollars. That’s right $68.6 BILLION. But then below this section on their budget they state clearly “it is important to point out that education in America is primarily a State and local responsibility”. $68.6 billion for a SECONDARY agency to the state and local governments. Now, when I think about it, it is crazy to want to abolish this waste of our hard earned dollars. We should keep paying to dumb down our children.

I’ll throw in two of my favorites, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). Over the last seven years I have worked with and have studied their policies and procedures. These two agencies are not just a waste of your hard earned dollars, they are really dangerous. Through their policies and labeling programs they are effectively keeping you from being able to make informed decisions about what you eat. You will never know if you are eating meat from a cloned cow or not. Forget about whether it is safe or not, you won’t have a choice because you will never know. The USDA wants to irradiate every fruit and vegetable that is sold, because they claim that this process destroys bacteria in the actual cells of these fruits and vegetables. So, no more E. coli spinach outbreaks. Oddly, though, they never state what effect this process has of the nutritious enzymes and vitamins we are trying to get from these foods.
Have you noticed how many so called safe drugs are being recalled, because they actually weren’t safe? How about the recent news about Vytorin? It lowers your cholesterol but doesn’t have any effect on coronary heart disease, which is what it is for. Could it be that cholesterol levels and coronary heart disease are not related? Could it be that the best selling drug of all time at over $10 billion dollars a year (Lipitor) is actually a poison and has no effect on the condition of your cardiovascular system? It is and doesn’t, but you will never believe it. The FDA and partners, you say, are there to protect us. Really? Then why did eight of the nine members of the panel that determined the “proper” cholesterol levels receive payments from the pharmaceutical companies that manufactured these drugs. Dr. Ron Paul is a medical physician that has delivered over 3,000 babies. You think that others know how the medical system works and how to fix it? You think a lawyer is a better choice to tackle this effort? Whose crazy?

You have been led to believe that Ron Paul is a lunatic, when in reality he is the sole voice of knowledge and reason in this insane world. Turn off the bobbleheads of mainstream media for a couple of days and research Dr. Ron Paul and his positions. You will be glad you did. I know I am.

I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes; “it’s not what you don’t know that hurts you. It’s what you think you know that isn’t so, that does.” Question your assumptions!!

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