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Energy Victory - Interesting Book from an Energy Independence Forum

I'm a Ron Paul Delegate in the 6th Congressional District in CO, Tancredo's seat, last night I went to an Energy Policy forum hosted by one of the candidates in the 6th, called "Funding both sides of the War on Terror.

There was a speaker there named Robert Zubrin discussing his book "Energy Victory". The main point of the book is that we are financing Saudi supported Wahabi Terrorist every time we pump a gallon of gas. And, that the Saudi's are using that money not only to support Wahabism and terrorism, but, to currupt our political leaders in both parties to turn a blind eye.

The solution according to Zubrin is a congressional mandate that all cars sold in America must be set up for Flex Fuels to set up a competing "alcohol" based fuel market. Breaking the OPEC fossil based fuel monopoly by introducing competitive markets.

If we define the Saudi dominated OPEC control of our liquid fuel supply as an imminent theat to our national security is this a recommendation that Ron Paul would support?

Let me hear it?

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What will be used to produce the alcohol?

What does Mr Zubrin recommend as the feed stock to produce all that alcohol? Who will plant it, raise it, harvest it, store it, transport it and convert it to alcohol? The Amish are the only farmers I know that don't use petroleum.
Dutchman Enterprises has the HAFC and PICC to begin using less gas and Diesel. Have a look here www.preignitioncc.com/2332. Then ask your elected representative to urge the EPA to test the PICC.
Better World Technologies has technologies, and a plan to implement them, to eliminate the use of fossil fuels as energy sources within 5 years.
Send me an email and I'll send back our "Plan to Revolutionize Electricity Production in America".
mnucsa@hotmail .com

I'm all for

alternative energy, but the reasoning behind it doesn't make sense. First off, Canada is our largest supplier of oil. It is funny that nobody mentions that. Second, we don't have a physical dependence on middle east oil. We have enough oil in Alaska that has already been developed, but have not been "turned on" so to speak to last us 200 years.

This crap, and that is what this is, is based only on politics and the almighty dollar. These alternatives are not going to change anything, because once they become viable to the entire population, we are going to run out of the energy sources which will drive these alternative fuel prices through the roof. In terms of cars, I think the only viable option (at this time) is electric engines charged with solar or wind technologies. Unfortuately, this in my opinion is presently cost prohibitive for the every day american. The idea of recycling vegetable oil is smart, but we shouldn't be using vegetable oil in the first place, unless used strictly as a fuel source.

The american public is being hoodwinked into believing that we need that we need the Middle Eastern oil. We don't need the oil we need them to continue using the dollar as the basis of trade.