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It's going to get nasty in Missouri tomorrow, April 19

Kirkwood High ground zero for battle between GOP regulars and Ron Paul activists
By Jo Mannies

Kirkwood High School is expected to be one of the hottest political spots in the state Saturday, as Missouri's Republican establishment and supporters of renegade presidential contender Ron Paul tangle once again.

Last month, the Texas congressman's passionate supporters shocked party regulars by taking control of local caucus sites around the state. As a result, many Paul allies were elected as delegates to the nine Republican congressional district conventions set for Saturday.

At those conventions, delegates will vote on some of the issue positions in the state GOP's platform and select some of the people who will attend the Republican presidential convention in Minneapolis. Among other things, GOP leaders fear the Paul forces — who oppose the Patriot Act and the Iraq war — also want to change the party rules so that the state's 58 presidential delegates won't be required to support Sen. John McCain, the presumed presidential nominee and winner of Missouri's Feb. 5 Republican primary.

In recent days, a number of pro-Paul congressional district delegates have gotten letters telling them that their credentials are being challenged and that they might be barred from Saturday's gatherings.

Many of those challenged delegates expect to take part in the 2nd Congressional District convention, set for Kirkwood High's cafeteria. Other potential confrontations are likely at the 5th Congressional District site in Kansas City and the 7th District in Springfield, Mo., also hotbeds of Paul allies.

Paul national field director Debbie Hopper, of Fenton, asserted that state GOP leaders "can't tolerate any idea of dissension within the Republican Party. We all have to rally around McCain, a candidate who doesn't represent Republican values."

State Republican Party executive director Jared Craighead replied, "We believe the party has been fair to everyone involved."

Craighead acknowledged that some Paul supporters were true Republicans but added that party regulars determined that some other elected district delegates were really Libertarians or Democrats who will be barred from taking part.

Security measures are planned at the Kirkwood site and at the Maryland Heights Community Center, where the 1st District convention is to be held.

But Tom Wilsdon, 1st District Republican chairman, expects few problems. Pro-Paul delegate Nick Kasoff of the 1st District said he's already received two robo-calls reminding him to attend Saturday's convention.


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Any word on how this turned

Any word on how this turned out today?

Go get them

If you are a delegate and you have no idea what to do tomorrow, contact your meetup group, they have their strategy, but be carefull of those who are trying to infiltrate, outsmart those stupid sheeple because you can!

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I'm being challenged

becase I wore a Ron Paul Revolution t-shirt to the county caucas

Don't wear any signs from Ron Paul

I heard a lot of RP supporter will be wearing a Go Mccain T-shirt ;)

maybe have some

maybe have some non-delegates show up with a lot of Ron Paul signs and create a big diversion for the security people? I know.... I know!!!.... I'm evil... lol

Formerly rprevolutionist

The Art of Redirection

Not a bad idea, actually. As long as the stealth RP supporters in the delegate crowd are able to resist the powerful urge to smile and/or yell, "YEAH!! RON PAUL!!!" 'Cause that might, you know, blow their cover somewhat. ;)

yep! Hard to not show

yep! Hard to not show enthusiasm for Ron Paul!!!

Formerly rprevolutionist

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attroneys standing by

I hear of several districts if not all, who will have attroneys, that are RP supporters, at the convention or have an emeregny number to contact if needed, Hope we don't have to use them, bt we're prepared.

stay strong

Go if you can - take cameras.

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Check out http://iroots.org/
"If you’re into political activism, at least for Ron Paul if not for anyone else, I strongly recommend spending some time with iroots.org." - Tom Woods

Go kick some neocon arse!

We can win!

The United States is a nation of laws, badly written and randomly enforced. - Frank Zappa


the battle continues...

the battle continues...

Give em Hell guys!!!

Let me get this right: at local caucus sites Ron Paul supporters were selected to attend tomorrow's events by their peers and with a majority of the vote. Then, before they can exercise the will of their local caucus at the district convention, they are being challenged for not being sufficiently republican?? and there is security on hand to keep them out?

F the Gestapo tactics of the republican mclamers. If you were selected by your caucus to represent them - then you go in there and represent them. What are they going to do? Arrest you?

An injunction on a weekend is not easy to do as most courts are closed - - and by the time you get it - the district convention could be over. Plus, there are certain legal criteria that need to be met to get a preliminary injunction and perhaps (depending on state rules) an opportunity for the other side to be heard (to oppose the granting of the preliminary injunction) so the other side delays delays delays while the convention carries on. This whole situation sucks.

I hope these bs tactics gather national attention because it IS A DISGRACE to America. I would suggest bringing cameras to record the Shenanigans and to have for future litigation as Plaintiff's Exhbit A against the MO GOP!

What is wrong with these

What is wrong with these people???. The Libertarian Party and the Democrats have their own candidates. Ron is a Repulblican, and running for that party!
I don't get it? Have they checked MCCies voting record? HE's the Democrat..sheesh..

Good luck guys

Be on the lookout for organized technicalities. most likely they are pre-coached by some crooked Karl Rove lawyer look-alike.

Stay on your toes. We're on the right side of truth

what are we going to do if

what are we going to do if security physicaly wont let our guys in?

be discrete

They can't keep you out if they don't know who you are.


The United States is a nation of laws, badly written and randomly enforced. - Frank Zappa


Find a lawyer and

make sure you have the number to a judge for an emergency injunction.