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Revolution Broadcasting is ready to go. Come see the new home of honest media and broadcasting. Dr Steve Parent

Hello all,

I know many of you have been waiting for this update and it is now here.

The new network webpage is up and the schedule is being updated every hour or so and you can see the schedule thus far of the broadcasts that are planned and set in stone. The rest of the schedule will be filled in this weekend to install a full line up from 6am until 3 am 7 days a week as several hosts are negotiating with each other and myself for the remaining time slots that will be finalized by Sunday at the latest.

This network will provide the best of the best hosts from various radio programs already established with a listening base and special guest schedule. These hosts come from Ron Paul revolution radio, Ron Paul Radio, RPI radio just to name a few.

We have guests next week such as, Wayne Allan Root, Mike Gravel , Bob Barr, and many more from 3-5 Eastern time Monday thru Friday and i assure you that we will be fair but tough on these guests and ask tough questions that we all want answered.

A show i am currently working on that i feel is important will be called "Know you Rights" and will focus on the legal rights of all Americans such as, Being pulled over for speeding to being arrested for tax evasion to being accuused of any other type of crime and every other legal right of all people. We will hosts attorneys from around the world to share this valuable information for all to hear and learn from.

Our new home is http://www.revolutionbroadcasting.com

I encourage all to visit now and see what shows we have on the schedule thus far.

The basic platform is on the web page for all to read so come visit the new site and have a quick look around.

I will provide more information on a regular basis.

Our donation page will be added soon and i thank each and every one of you that will help support this powerful and honest news and radio network.

Please send an email to newspaper4paul@hotmail.com so i may add you as a contact so when the chip in is up i can notify you.

Thank you for all your help and support.

Dr. Steve Parent

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I have zero technical skills, but how is this.

How likely is it that the people who operate this and ronpaulforums.com would let you have your station start playing when you come to the sites.

Have a noticable banner allowing people to turn it off it they like. Those two site have hundreds of people on at all times. If the content started as soon as anyone came to the sites, many more people will be introduced to it. Does that sound like something that is possible or likely.

It sounds..

.. annoying and intrusive. Automatic sound is a big no-no for website design. People despise it. Think of how when you go to a MySpace page and the music starts blaring...

It would be great ..........

........ if you guys could contact Uncle Rahn from http://www.justin.tv/ronpaultv and ask him if he would be interested in filling a spot on your new Revolution Broadcasting project. This guy is so pationate when it comes to talking about Ron Paul, he is great to listen to.

Here is a link to his previous show: http://www.justin.tv/ronpaultv/76058/Positively_Paul_with_Un...

Just a thought!

“I have joined your revolution and I’m proud to be part of what you want to do.” - Ron Paul

“I have joined your revolution and I’m proud to be part of what you want to do.” - Ron Paul

Phantom i know Rahn I may

Phantom i know Rahn

I may talk to him about it but our format is going to be different that justin tv he is also on rpr

Dr. Steve Parent

Please do ........

......... talk to him Steve. I am sure he would be interested in doing a spot. Out of all those who appear on the Ron Paul justintv and rpr, he is by far the best presenter there. (In my eyes anyway)

“I have joined your revolution and I’m proud to be part of what you want to do.” - Ron Paul

“I have joined your revolution and I’m proud to be part of what you want to do.” - Ron Paul

Would have been nice to have formatted it with......

a "listen now live button". Because if its up and running I'm to much of a dumbass to figure out how to listen and I've listened to radio all over the world on my PC.

Thomas the radio station is

Thomas the radio station is not running yet which is why there is not a listen live button yet.

We are working on the server for the station now and just wanted people to be aware that the web page is up for people to bookmark it.

Dr. Steve Parent

Don't feel that way because

Don't feel that way because it is not a big deal for you just didn't know.

We might be running today or tomorrow we hope

I have people working overtime on this to get it up.

Dr. Steve Parent

Need to Move to Airwaves

These internet radio stations are very unlikely to succeed. There needs to be a strategy of getting these personalities on free air. This should be a resume builder, that is it. It has to be self sustained.
Donating is good but I hope if the money does not come in there is a real marketing strategy.

Every ronpaul related website needs to put a noticable link to this station.

There is a..

.. dangling closing form tag right before the closing body tag.

Might cause you some grief later on. ;)

Also, the logo banner is GINORMOUS. At 900 pixels wide that is nearly the entire width of a typical 1024x768 users screen. For persons with vision problems and who are using 800x600 screens it won't even fit. =P

I highly suggest scaling the logo width down to no more than 600 pixels wide.

Also, the height of 218 pixels of the current logo size is an issue. It is approaching 1/3 the height of a 1028x768 screen.

The logo takes up approximately 1/3 of the entire screen on a 1024x768 monitor setup! And many people are still using 800x600...

We are aware of these things

We are aware of these things Matt but we appreciate it for i am sure you are very concerned about our network.

Dr. Steve Parent

I'm sorry..

.. I won't let my 18 years of corporate software development interfere with your project. =)

Oh, you should be able to resize that graphic and upload it to the server in like 2 minutes. =P

But anyways, I digress. I sincerely hope your project takes off and is successful. As usual, I just hope that it doesn't turn into a tool for character assassination against other prominent Ron Paul supporters based on mere innuendo as I have seen happen before. That has been my ONLY criticism.

You and Melissa are a real

You and Melissa are a real piece of work.

I see your server has now been down for a week, i assume they are still upgrading?

For those of you that do not know Martfuncher and MelissaWV were the owners of RPIRADIO.COM which has been down for a week and some of their hosts have joined our network so they have a home to broadcast on.

I assume this is why they go out of their way to attempt to discredit me in virtually every post i make.

These are also the same people that have made post after post that Mccain has the nomination and Ron Paul can not win.

Dr. Steve Parent

Are you fishing?

The only place I know Melissa from is here on Daily Paul. I live in Missippi, bro.

The only times I've ever listened to any kind of "ron paul radio" is the snippets on www.ronpaul2008.com

How's the mining business?


If this is true i stand

If this is true i stand corrected and will remove the above post and i apologize for my ignorance.

I tried to remove it but it will not le me edit the comment.

Dr. Steve Parent


.. bother me. =)

I'm a polygamist now?

That's unusual because martfuncher and I aren't married, nor does he own RPIRadio, and I have explained the provider issue to you (which obviously went over your head which is why you call it "upgrading"). I don't post addressed to you until you drag me into things, which seems to be your favorite thing. Really, doctor, your obsession with me is alarming. Now you're seeing ghosts of my husband in other people's nicknames.


I KNEW sgp wanted the polygamy posts kept alive! =P

So you are claiming that

So you are claiming that Martfuncher is not Matt?

Dr. Steve Parent

This is kind of funny.

I'm sitting in a chatroom *right now* with Dr Steve but instead of addressing me in real time he continues here lol

1) martfuncher (which bears a three-letter similarity to "Matt", although he uses "mdh" everywhere) states he has 18 years of experience. That would put my husband at starting his professional career at seven years old, which is five years too early.

2) martfuncher is in Mississippi, not West Virginia.

3) martfuncher is illustrating a graphics background. mdh is involved in systems engineering, network-related operations, data center design, hardware redesign, and other "less pretty" portions of the computing world. His graphics ability is rather low, and he hasn't even seen your charming new site. He is working on retrieving backups of various sites that were lost when a provider went belly up on us. I know you do not have an extensive IT background, but rest assured that companies do vanish from time to time, and take the boxes you were hosting with them. It is not anymore a priority to get one site up than another, considering that mdh hosts mutiple clients' information on those machines. I know this will likely be once again condensed to "You've been doing maint for a week zomgz!!!".

4) I don't even know what a "martfuncher" is. He's some guy on a board that's been around long before I have. That's about the extent of it. I know as much about him as you do. I don't assume anything extra, though :)


.. the bulk of my IT experience is UNIX systems and software development with an emphasis on client-server application and database design. =P

Is it really? Maybe you

Is it really?

Maybe you could help us then?

Then maybe you will see what my true intentions really are.

Dr. Steve Parent

Was this for me?

I can't really help you (I notice it's plural?) with figuring out why you created a thread, could not accept someone's criticism, pulled me into it from out of the blue, sullied up your own thread, continued to talk to me here even though we are STILL logged on to the same IRC channel, and then created a SECOND thread with this same title and original post. Honestly it's mind-boggling.

Martfuncher: I will sadly admit it took me a minute to get your name. Clever lol Also I love beef tips & mushrooms & rice ... since we're married now I demand you share :D


I was wondering why my possibly harsh critisism of last night was no longer on the thread.

If you cannot answer a critisism, then delete the thread and start again... perfect!

I'll just stay off of anything that has parent as the OP then... that way I won't sully the thread by any idea that is not his.


~Live life to its fullest, with an open heart, open arms and most important... an open mind~

I have not seen any comments

I have not seen any comments from you on this thread at all other than the one above

Dr. Steve Parent


*hugs & beefy rice@melissa* ;)

What IRC channel?

God I wish private message worked...

/server irc(dot)rizon(dot)net (pound sign)ronpaulradio



I've never questioned your intentions. Just the public attacks on others. I don't like Ron Paul supporters divided and squabbling internally over rumors when they need to be united and slaying external dragons.

Web design is a pain. I've noticed that the site at least tentatively appears to be designed with ASP in mind. I don't like windows or ASP. I'm a linux kind of guy.

I got this from Netcraft:

http://www.revolutionbroadcasting.com was running Microsoft-IIS on Windows Server 2003 when last queried at 19-Apr-2008 18:03:56 GMT


Is Simpli Hosting the real host provider or are they just a broker for a larger host service? Silicon Valley Web Hosting?


.. I thought you misspelled "Mart" as "Matt"...

Dude, my name is Richard...