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From RPF WAMU branch doesn't have money for a $4200 withdrawal

I had an interesting time last night at my local Washington Mutual.

I am getting ready to leave on a trip to Las Vegas for a friends wedding so last night I decided that I would actually go into a Washington Mutual branch and withdraw my 'bankroll'. It was about 10 minutes to close but there thankfully no line. I filled out the withdrawal slip for the cash that I wanted, approached the teller, scanned my ATM card, entered my PIN and handed her the slip. She immediately asked if I wanted a check for the amount ($4.2k) and I said no, that I wanted cash. She then yelled to the manager across the bank about the transaction. He asked; how much? She said "$4200". Keep in mind that this was not done in private but across the room at the bank, therefore letting everyone in the room know that I wanted a (fairly) large sum of cash.

It was at this time that the faux hawk sporting manager said 'nope'. He told me (still across the room BTW) that they operated on some automatic withdrawal machines and that he couldn't authorize that much of a withdrawal because other people needed to use it and that the amount of capital wouldn't cover it.

In shock I asked when they (the bank!) would be getting more capital, he said that they got more nightly. So I asked if I could come get the amount I wanted tomorrow. He said 'no' again. Apparently these machines had enough money for me but they didn't want to give it to me because someone else might need it (the bank is open for 10 more minutes).

The manager let me know that I could try a 'traditional' WaMu branch as they have 'more leniencies' with the withdrawal amount. Keep in mind that those are at least 3 miles (over 30 minutes in San Francisco) away.

I then asked the teller very plainly... "Are you saying that I can't have MY money?"

She said "yes".

Beyond mad I ripped up my withdrawal slip and left the bank. I have two out standing checks (IRS and State) with WaMu, when they clear I am OUT. I can't think of anything more ridiculous than not being able to get my money. Aren't there some rules about that?

I guess that the good thing to come of all this is that there can't be a run on the banks because even if everyone tried to get their money... the banks will not give it to you!

Thought this was something that you might find interesting!

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WaMu, as far as I know, was

WaMu, as far as I know, was one of the hardest hit by the subprime mortgage crisis.

They may be having some cashflow issues due to all of the turmoil...


I hope that WaMu is still solvent

when the IRS and state try to cash your checks. Flee all banks, use a credit union instead.

"the only thing that keeps the banking system from failing is general ignorance about how the banking system works."


If it had been me, I would have argued for my cash or closed out my account right then. You could have left enough money in the account to pay those 2 checks.

I have 2 business accounts and my home mortgage with WAMU, I have been doing business with them for 15 years and have not had a problem that was not resolved.

Now there is a branch I will not step into because of the branch manager, but another branch manager took care of me in a different location and fixed what the other messed up.

My personal account has been open with Bank of America sense 1986, I have no plans on changing that account. I currently have 5 accounts with them including my kids savings accounts, my medical savings account [self insured], my Harley [personal savings] account and my 22 year old checking account.

that's ridiculous...

what I am doing with my bank, is using my account for all credit card and other transactions...everytime I get a check, I just cash it now.....no deposit....I get charged a fee every month...but eventually, I hope to leave only enough to pay certain bills needed every month....

and I almost put my money in washington mutual, until I checked to see if my local bank here was FDIC insured, and it wasn't.

I had to wait for a month last year

I had to wait for a moth last year. It was near November when I took out some savings to convert to values when I saw what was comming with the dollar. I had to wait a month and all the cash came in a sealed plastic envelope the groups inside with a FED paper band around. Since then I realize we practically work for the bank, they get our weekly or montly checks and use that money to lend others at interests, and when they run out of it they borrow from FED which prints the money out of the air. They do not take any risk in the enterprise, if things goes wrong you lose your money, they do not risk their assets in the enterprises they invest or get involved when they use your money.
Resuming... after that experience I only put in a bank enought to pay bills, then I try to convert the rest to some value - properties, business investments, security, energy independence, whatever but keeping it in dollars.

Indeed, the fact that every

Indeed, the fact that every year is much more difficult for americans to afford things without financing has a lot to do with this type of bankers usury practices. They will continue to drive americans to financing or debt because they are using usury practices to make money, have you wondered why with salaries and employment going down and sales going down prices stay high??
Today's US banks lend money at interests, money is not a value itself money is a mean of exchange, Making money out of money do not create wealth, wealth is created making money out of taking risks in future enterprises where banks should risk and win or lose according to the outcome. that's why the bible and the constitution condemns usury, it was the cause of many many social problems.

Its been told,

It goes way back in time, if you have not seen "The Money Masters" go to this link > http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-515319560256183936
I believe WAMU is on the ropes now? I thought I read that they needed some cash infusion recently. We know the banks are hurting, I can't explain it nearly as well as the movie. A great book that explains this as well is "The Creature from Jekyll Island" go to this link > http://www.amazon.com/Creature-Jekyll-Island-Federal-Reserve...
The banks don't have to possess all deposits, they are to busy makeing loans to earn interest to make money for themselves off our money. That post about not able to cash a $1200 paycheck... now that sad. I've been through the same thing and was told to give them a two days notice. The person that got there late, was just that late. They gave out thier cash all day long and they hold small reserves. Its a said state of affairs, Down with the "FED" (Onward) and thanks for the post...

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I had the same thing happen at my Aussie bank

over $2000 -- told me I had to order it a day or so before I wanted it. Seems they have a "float" that is worked out. Some sort of averaging they use based on daily activity over months/years. They just don't keep a lot of cash at the branch level. Most transactions are electronic and the cash is stored off site.

Not a good system during a "bank run" though.

Lisa C.


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Im negotaiting a wamu short

Im negotaiting a wamu short sale and they have been the worst bank to deal with, inday mac is really bad too.

Had the same thing happen.

Went to my bank to cash a
1,200 pay check.The teller said
she couldn't cash it because then they wouldn't have enough
money for other people.I said,
this is a bank right!She said sorry,but we just don't keep much cash on hand!I think most
of their so called money is just a number on a piece of paper.
Welcome to the cashless society!!

I wasn't surprised about the

I wasn't surprised about the OP's $4200, but them not having enough to cover $1200 is quite surprising.


Credit Unions

Switch to a large credit union in your area. Credit Unions are far more better than traditional banks like WaMu or BofA. I am not sure why, but the Credit Unions have always been helpful to me. I have used all the major banks and my girlfriend uses WaMU and Chase, so I have a lot of experience with the different companies. I personally use First Community Credit Union and have been happy with them for 3 years. Anytime I have had an issue they have quickly resolved it and answered any questions I have had. I have withdrawn $5K from them with no problems.

I think it might have to do with the way they do banking versus the traditional banks. I am not sure what the internal differences are, but they seem to make a big difference. It might also have to do with the size. Most credit unions are local to the city you live in, so maybe it has to do with the fact that they don't have branches all over the country to deal with and try to regulate. As we know, things are always better determined on a local level versus a nation-wide or international level.

"because someone else might need it"

So the 'someone else' gets their 4k but you don't.

This makes no sense. I would think first come, first served. If someone else comes and the money is not available, oh well.

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I'm pulling from WaMu soon

I'm pulling from WaMu soon as well. They haven't been bad, but the credit union I belong to seems much better. WaMu like all the other big banks have been having problems. I think WaMu is the middle of being bought out right now actually.

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I think they wish someone would buy them out

Can u say Bear Stearns?

Thanks for posting.

Try using a credit union I understand that they survived the Depression. Maybe, check into it and see what their policies are. Peace

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I highly recommend becoming

I highly recommend becoming a member of a credit union if you can.

- Bank:
Institution owned by investors and the bank works to make those investors money. Profits go to investors. Said investors/shareholders are "upper management" and make decisions on bank operations.

- Credit Union:
Not-for-profit institution is owned by the members of the credit union and if you’re a member the institution is owned, in part, by you. Profits of that credit union are being returned to the members of the credit union in the form of lower loan interest rates and higher dividends.
Credit union upper management consists of a board of directors who makes decisions on it's operations. This board is composed of elected volunteers. They don’t do it for pay – they’re credit union members who want a say in how the place is run.

In a credit union your money belongs to YOU and is accessible to you when you want it.

At my credit union the tellers know who I am. They respect my privacy and discreetly request a manager's assistance if needed, and said discussions occur in my presence.

I've been with

a credit union for 12 years, and have been extremely happy. No more issues with when deposits are posted to my account and when debits and check are posted, no monthly fees or charges, and I get a percentage back depending on how much I have in there. I was preveiously with Bank One that was bought out by Chase and I had nightmares dealing with them and my account. In the end they robbed me of $96, it's not a lot, but it it the principle of the matter. I highly highly recommend credit Unions.

I just reposted this

I pulled out of WAMU and Fifth Third awhile ago.

Bank of America and Suntrust seem to be the most credible Big Banks but yes CU's are the best to put your hard earned money into

You know what that is called?


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Yep pure ole BS. I would put an article in my local paper, telling about thier shifty banking practices. Let the public know that they are running so low on cash, you cant even get what is yours or has all the cash been depleted from the banks in anticipation of something much worse?

Interesting alright

They have means to keep from having bank runs, for sure. Good excuse; someone else might need the money so you don't get it.


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