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Invitation to the Revolution March Forum

Now that the announcement of the Revolution March has been made there is sure to be thousands of questions. Check out the forum from time to time for answers and to contribute your wealth of information. Please jump on board with this. This is going to be huge. And it will be at a time that anticipation of the Convention will be building. You'll have a chance to be seen and heard. Meet some of the people whom you chat with on the forums. Show the world we ain't done yet!

If you haven't found a way to contribute beyond monetary donations this could be your opportunity to get involved. This is a huge undertaking and there are literally hundreds of people needed. So come on everybody, get excited about something and let your focus shift in a more positive direction for a while. (Like when we had the money bombs.)




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Official Faq:

Official Faq: http://www.ronpaulforums.com/showpost.php?p=134530 ...

Q. Who is organizing this march?
A. www.revolutionmarch.com

Q. What is the theme of the March?
A. To spread Ron Paul's message of Peace, Prosperity, and Freedom. And to demonstrate that we expect our government officials to adhere to the Constitution.

Q. When is the date?
A. In order to secure a date, an application for a permit must be submitted to the D.C. parks and recreation division, permit department. The permits department received our application on February 18th. We submitted June 21st as our first choice but were advised to submit alternate dates. We have established a rapport with the dept.. They have indicated to us that they have over 900 applications for review. People have up to one year to secure a date and the summer months in D.C. are prime time for events. Trying to get a summer date a few months before an event takes longer to process because of the 'first come, first served' procedures. However, I was told that people who reserve a date, often times cancel. This tends to muddy up the waters a little bit, but it can be advantageous to late comers.

Q. Why do we even need a permit?
A. Good question! Freedom loving Americans like those in this movement understand that forcing us to get a permit violates the first amendment right to peaceably assemble. But try to view the permit as sort of like making reservations or buying a ticket to an event. If large groups of people just show up willy nilly, setting up their tents and stages, forgetting to rent porta pottys and trash cans, there would be mass chaos.

Q. What about all the other marches I'm hearing about?
A. There are several marches being planned by different groups. This is a very good thing because it accommodates everyone's schedules and budgets. And it sends the message to the local, state, and federal governments that our movement is massive, organized, and NOT going away!

Q. Where can we go to get up-to-date information?
A. In the next few days www.RevolutionMarch.com will be selecting a communications director. Once the decision has been made, the CD will be in charge of keeping the website updated with all the current news and information regarding the march. If you sign up, you will be notified via email on a regular basis of new information.

In addition, we will post the organizational chart which will show the various committees and sub-committees that are being formed out of the volunteers. In order to put on a massive march and rally in D.C., it is going to require 2-300 people handling promotion, march logistics, public relations, marketing, accounting, etc.

We are also posting a FAQs link on the site and we will do our best to answer any questions you have so please feel free to post your questions here and I will send them along. OR, you can send them directly to: organizer@revolutionmarch.com. PLEASE keep your questions, suggestions, etc. brief and to the point. Given the number of emails they get, to-the-point- emails are greatly appreciated.

not sure what thats all about

I simply pasted the forum link that is associated directly with March's organizational site. and encouraged dialog and networking....

also the FAQ you cited should be updated. The official date is July 12, 2008

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