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Help us raise money for RP concert in Bloomington, IN


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Somehow, I have the feeling you guys managed to hit your target.


we are at 70%

we are almost there. Please donate now. we need to put money down for the PA system and sound guy, we are so close...

565 of 800 dollars 70%


bumpy bump bumps

Our group has been fighting the good fight for 5 months, help us throw the fattest Ron Paul event yet.


aaaawww shit.

we need money to lock down the Sound guy and rent a concert quality sound system, please everything helps, we are doing good work...honest..help!

the show is this Saturday!

I know we were crazy as fuck to try and put this together in a week, but there is no turning back now. The bands are lined up, the announcements have been made, media will be covering, the crowds are gathering, and we can have either:

1. another kick ass Ron Paul event with fat media coverage for little money

2. A bunch of Ron Paul supporters looking like tools

Please help out a fellow ACTIVE RP supporter. Those of you who volunteer know that very few of the "40000 volunteers" we always here about actually participate. I am one of those few, I'm not complaining, it's fun, I'm just saying help a brother out all ready. those dollars won't be worth anything soon, make em count now!

check out the work we've been doing.

it will be worth every penny, please help us make this happen.


I was hoping...

Bummer! When I saw IU, I was hoping it was for a school in Iowa. Yeah, I realize the rEVOLution needs to and will be spread across the country, but Iowa and New Hampshire are top priority!

Get Adjusted: From the Womb to the Tomb!

only time I wish I lived in Iowa

New supporters means more donations:)


Thank you for your efforts and hard work! Ron Paul 2008!

Get Adjusted: From the Womb to the Tomb!

we are at 37%

Help us continue to dominate the IU campus. We are throwing a 9 hour outdoor music fest with a week to plan. We know we can do it because we are bunch of certified badasses, but we are broke, and this thing is going to end up costing money. Sound Guy and Misc audio stuff seems to be what is killing us.

We setup a chip in last night and we already have 37% with 300 of the 800 dollars raised. Every little bit helps. Toss a few bucks our way, and see your money at work a week from now in our next supercool youtube video that will highlight all the attention we get; from local (maybe even more national media), and the public (There is a home IU Football game with instate rival Ball State that ends exactly when our event begins)

The event is located in the heart of campus, and we should draw big crowds. Our guys and gals are already on the streets posting fliers. We are putting together a strategy to promote the day of, and we are confident that we are going to put on one hell of a show.

Please send a few bucks our way. We have a record of putting on successful events, we have the enthusiasm, we have a well thought out plan, but we are now too bigtime for our own modest budgets.

And of course you are all invited

Sat. Nov. 3rd 2pm-11pm
Dunn Medow
Seventh and Indiana
Bloomington, IN 47408


now we are at 51%

We have raised 415 out of 800 dollars. keep it up!


425 of 800!

The music will kick ass.

The music will kick ass.

Give up 1 ounce of gold. Help Aaron Jones' musical career.

After all which would you rather do?

Support this:


Or just spend your money to get this:


made into a New Hampshire TV ad.

Bumps. Please help us turn

Bumps. Please help us turn Bloomington,Indiana into RP country.

IU Bloomington Dan

You need to send some of that support up here to the IU and Purdue campus up here in Fort Wayne. Are you guys working the college media network up here? We have an RP meetup group here, but not much from the campus or college folk.

Hoosiers for Ron Paul

Hey, great. Hoosiers for RP!

Mike in Fort Wayne.

money money money

give us money! please.

Radio Friendly is cool.

These guys really know how to stir up a crowd. You should contribute. You'll get a lot bang for your buck.

it's true.

it's true.