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One of the biggest download & TECH websites(C-NET) POSTS A FAVORABLE RON PAUL ARTICLE!!! August 2007

thnks to photoshopwiz just noticed the date. this is old sorry I shouldve looked at the date lol


to get an idea of the amount of visitors they get

compare "http://news.zdnet.com/" to the dailyPaul on http://www.alexa,com

this is good for us
the author even provided links to is positions on issues

show the writer some love by commenting please. Thank yall fellow patriots

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Posted on ZDNet News: Aug 6, 2007


but it was great that they did it....

omg lol Im soo sorry thnks

omg lol

Im soo sorry thnks for the heads up. didnt look at the date lol

Freedom. Watch this video
Pls donate here Ron Paul can still win

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hey, appreciate...

hey, appreciate your passion and enthusiasm!

We need some cheering up and lately you and Roben have been doing great work promoting good info...!