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Today's Print Coverage: Newsweek, NewsMax, etc.

After learning of Newsweek's latest article about the good Doctor, I found it at a local bookstore and looked for other coverage.

Newsweek's print version seemed to match the online version verbatim, or at least very closely.

NewsMax magazine provided a half-page article titled "Ron Paul Shows Strength" with highlights of poll successes, key positions, and online and offline activism. For the most part, Mr. Eberhart provided fair coverage here, and it is one of the best news magazine articles about Paul's campaign that I have seen yet.

The National Interest #91 and Campaigns and Elections #29 reminded me of issues of Newsweek from earlier months: they seemed to feign ignorance of Ron Paul's existence. By that I mean that in articles with the theme of "the candidates on ____ issue" they did not include Paul despite his noteworthy positions or record. It is a recurring pattern in various publications, and I am not sure that their attempts at journalism merit any further attention today.

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Rocky Mountain Chronicle

Someone posted a while ago, pointing to a piece in the RM Chronical.

The post headline rolled off!

You need to read this GREAT article!!!!

Don't have URL google it