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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I ran across this blog sent to Ron Paul's MySpace and I could not help but post it here on www.dailypaul.com


Why I support Ron Paul
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I do not profess to know the scope of human history, nor do I understand the intricacies of economics, sociology, political intrigue, the machination of government, the intent of man, or the will of God.

But I do know that all of these things have a Champion, and his Name is Ron Paul.

It may surprise some of you, my friends, to know that I would consider voting Republican. In fact, some of you may even be offended. After all, it is these Hawks, these Christians who would wage war FIRST. In this age of Neo-Conservative demagoguery, the values of our Declaration, our Constitution, our Faiths, our Values, and our National Virtues have been held hostage by the most insidious and careless enemy: our Leadership. It seems that, in spite of several decades of proud accomplishment, strong international leadership, independent thought and benevolent public service (and outrage), we find ourselves prone before the feet of our once avowed enemy and a people from whom freedom and liberty have been stolen at our hands.

$3,000,000,000. That is the amount that we must borrow from COMMUNIST CHINA every day. EVERY DAY. For one purpose: to fight this illegal war in Iraq. We have gone there without a Declaration of War from the Congress, instead, we go these under the auspice of United Nations Resolutions...a body which opposed our intervention, and continues to do so to this day. To this debt add the daily loss due to trade "entitlements" and various and sundry other financial machinations that further undermine Our Liberty.

YOU and I have been sold out. There is a segment of radical Christians who are intent on a new Crusade, as "President" Bush called our endeavors in Iraq. In the interest of being the big kid on the block, we continue to advocate another pre-emptive strike against a nation who has done nothing (debateable) against us as a nation. Christians do not advocate pre-emptive war. Period!! In fact, it could be argued that NO ONE, except the forces of Darkness, condone such a policy. Yet here we stand, with our Leadership softening up the People for a thermonuclear strike against a nation whose freedom and liberty we STOLE in 1953. These people are only fanatics because fanaticism is the only weapon they have left against Tyranny. Let me go back for a moment:


Truman had a terrible choice to make. Send thousands, possibily MILLIONS of American men to fight against what was arguably the most fanatical people in the world. In order to preserve those lives, he chose to conduct a THERMONUCLEAR STRIKE against the people of Japan, and when they did not capitulate, he ordered the duplicate. And it worked. Millions of Americans and Millions more Japanese were spared a long and bloody, barbaric fight. I do not condone nuclear weapons, but in my opinion, the TWO bombs dropped in aggression have saved more lives than they have claimed.

If Iran develops a nuclear weapon, and they use it against the US or one of our Allies, then there will be serious, serious consequences. But Only under a Declaration of War and with the Will and Intent of the American People. If, that terrible "if" should happen, We will respond with a vengeance and intent as to shake the world to the core. And THAT is our power. Not the possession, but the Will. Not the threat, but the Conviction.

I AM a flag-waving patriot. I believe that the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights (along with their predecessors ie Magna Carta, et al) are Divinely Inspired Writ. I do not belive that the American Ideal has anything to do with genocide (of which we are guilty), theft (of which we are guilty), torture (of which we are guilty), coups (of which we are guilty), paranoia(of which we are guilty), or pre-emptive war (of which we are guilty).

I want to quote our Beautiful Documents, but I won't. I will leave it to you, dear reader, to educate yourself, to take part in this Beautiful Experiment. We have become what we sought to escape, and I want everyone to know this. This is not OUR America. Our Nation has been Hijacked, and it's not going to Cuba, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, North VIetnam, etc, ad nauseum.

It's going to Washington.

Dr. Ron Paul, R-Texas, is a man whom I honestly feel has no chance of winning the Presidency, or even the nomination of his Party.

Yet I am willing to THROW my vote away (as the pundits would say). I am willing to open my throat and bellow the causes for which he stands. I am willing to become an American Fanatic because of this man's message! In fact, I just threw some tea into the street.

Why? Have you seen a picture of him? He is NOT Presidential. He looks kinda, well, kinda scrawny. His voice is high-pitched and he's given to an almost squeaky way when he gets excited.

I don't care what my Leadership looks like. I've known a lot of good-looking assholes, and I've known some non-traditional Beautiful people ('mazing, ain't it?). I want a STATESMAN, an Ambassador, an Honest, Good Man, someone who inspires me to be closer to God, closer to America, and closer to Home. A Man who has faced choice and chosen Life...over four-thousand times. A man who has served his country in wartime. A man who has not had Daddy's credit card to carry him through life. A man who believes in the Divine in the Individual. This is just such a man. He makes me want to be better, because he epitomizes freedom. He doesn't want you to have an abortion, but he doesn't want you to be arrested for it. He doesn't want you to smoke crack, but he doesn't want to build more prisons for your poor choice in recreational activities. He does NOT want to go to war, but he WILL, legally, if provoked. Gun control? No. But I'd bet that he'd allow some Federal Spending for training and education. Pre-emptive war? Not on your life, or his, or Congress'.

People, this man is SMART. He doesn't look Presidential, he looks like a geek! But what's more important, really?

I cannot say anymore than he can say himself. Please go to http://ronpaul2008.com or just watch the couple of vids that I have put here on my profile. Consider this man, and consider what you feel it means to be an American. Also, please check out http://ronpaulaudio.com and hear what he has to say.

Yours in Liberty,


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M. Raborn
Thank you so much for expressing what I believe thousands, perhaps millions of us, likewise believe. Dr. Paul cannot save our Republic single handedly, even as President. However, he can show the leadership, statemanship, integrity and character that inspires us and unites us and gives us focus and direction, so that "we the people" can again be embolden to say "enough is enough!" It is up to us to stop electing people who put party before country and people who ignore their oath of office and totally disreguard our Constitution.
The job has seemed so overwhelming that many of us have accepted the lie, that the actions of one person don't make any difference.
Dr. Paul is proving, one person with truth and integrity does make a difference and he is mobilizing a ground swell of supporters from all backgrounds, from all parties etc. who are determined that their single effort is important and will make not only a difference, but will make the difference in November 2008!
Thanks again Mark and thanks to Matt for posting it here, or I might have missed this excellent article!

M. Raborn