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Another message for the mSm.

First I want to congratulate All of you for finding the courage to participate in our attempt to save the GOP.What we are attemping to do is the most daring ,boldest and bravest act ever attempted in our party. I assure you of that Never before has our kind been so despised and hated.by the dark controlling forces.that be ,Never before have brave Patriots faced such overwhelming odds in the face of such tyranny and injustice.This is very dangerous and there will be repercussions if we fail.Brothers an Sisters FAILURE is not an option.Remember we do this because we love our children we are left with no choice.Now as for the grotesque display of what we saw of the disgraceless,treasonous ,cencorship and voter fraud we witnessed from the cowards at CNN and the other media outlets you will not go UNPUNISHED I assure you of this.and everytime I have called for a MAJOR ATTACK on a news outlet we have witnessed great success{ just ask neil kaputo and faux} Tonight I am calling on everyone at your computer to turn on your TV and find the sponcors of treacherous, treasonous dog's SPONCORS and e-mail them and let them know we are not buying your CRAP as long as they attempt to STEAL our votes and our election..Have no dought CNN our objective is to bring you down.Faux we will deal with you later you a far from off the hook.and you better pray that Dr Paul somehow wins this election or you are TOAST.Lets let CNN know just how much POWER we have.WE DO NOT FORGIVE.WE DO NOT FORGET.WE ARE ANNOUNYMOUS PAUL.